March 28, 2017

Blaiden Turns 5

Five Years Old

My Appearance:  I am now 44 inches tall and weigh 41 pounds.  I am in the 75% for my heights and right about 50% for my weight.  I am in 5T clothes but I will be in size 6 pants really soon.  My feet are also growing and now I wear a child size 12, it won’t be long before I get into the big kid sizes.  I like to keep my hair short only because I don’t like to have to dry it when I get out of the bath or do my hair before school.  I also like to wear boxer underwear now.  I call the other underwear “baby underwear” and won’t wear them.

Milestones:  One big thing I did this past year was have my first sleepover at a friend’s house.  Sometimes when Mom is in the hospital with Adilene and Dad is on call I get to go sleep over at my friend Emma’s house. I love it.  I also stopped wearing pull-ups at bed time and so I got to redecorate my bedroom.  I even got a big boy bed! 

Daily Routine:  I like to wake up early and so my day starts around 6:30am.  I eat breakfast (muffins or oatmeal are my favorite) and watch a few cartoons before I get going.  I go to school 5 days a week but only in the mornings.  I love school and I am learning so much.  I know how to spell and write my name along with “mom” and “dad.”  My favorite part of school is playing with other kids.  Each week we have a new theme we learn about and my favorite so far is learning about outer space.  I can name all the planets in order and tell you about each one!  When I get home from school I eat lunch and then I go rest in my room.  I fall asleep about half the time.  In the afternoons, I like to play with my sister.  Building blocks and coloring are some of my favorite things to play with but I also love to dress up and be different superhero’s.  I like Captain America and Spiderman the most.  Eating at meal times is still a little difficult for me and I would much rather just snack all day, this makes mom and dad a little grouchy when I don’t eat me dinner.  At bedtime, I must sleep in superhero pajamas that look exactly like the superhero’s costume.  Sometimes these types of pajamas are hard to find and so mom has had to sew some.