September 29, 2014

New Highchair

Adilene has shown a ton of interest in food.  She will try and grab what you have, scour the floor for anything she can put in her mouth and when she is in her new high chair she is yelling if there is not food in front of her.  For now we are keeping her on a gluten free diet and skipping the rice cereal all together.  I am doing this as a precaution but as time goes on I don't think she is going to have a problem with gluten. 

I make my own baby food just like I did with Blaiden but Adilene loves it.  She will try and eat anything you put in front of her, although I think carrots are her favorite. She has to work pretty hard to eat because she is just not that coordinated yet.

Meal time ends with a mess.  She loves to try and get the spoon so she ends up with food all over her hands.  She plays with here bib which usually means there will also be food in her hair. 
We had to get a new high chair for her so she could have a little more support while eating.  She is loving it and gets so excited kicking her legs when I try and put her in there.

September 24, 2014

10 Months Old

With our trip to Colorado I am a few weeks late on this post but here it is...

Ten Months Old

My Appearance:  I am now weighing in at 19 pounds 4 ounces and 27 inches long.  This month I didn’t gain much weight but that is probably because I move so much.  My hair is very long on the top and short in the back, but I no longer have a bald spot on the back of my head.  My eyes are still blue but not quite as bright, more like a normal blue.  I usually have a mark of some sort on my head either from rolling into the coffee table or dropping a toy on myself.  My arms and legs still have some rolls on them but I am not quite as rolly as I was a few months ago.  I have even worn a few 12 month outfits and they are not too big.

Milestones:  The big milestone this past month is that I got my first tooth.  On September 3rd it finally poked through!  I didn’t really get super upset but I didn’t enjoy it and I am not sure I want all my other teeth to come in yet.  I have started to pick small pieces of cereal and try really hard to get it my mouth.  I only succeed about 50% of the time. 

Daily Routine:  I have gone back to 2 naps a day and I am pretty sure it is going to stay that way.  My first nap is around 9 where I sleep for less then an hour and then I go down for my seconds nap around 12:30 and sleep for 1-2 hours.  I go to bed around 7.  In between all my naps I like to play with Blaiden, mom, and any other friends that come over.  I am very interested in food even though I am not that great at getting it in my mouth.

Special Events:  This month I went to Colorado for the first time!  I got to ride on an airplane for the first time.  I didn’t really like the take off or landing but it was fun to get experience something new.  I also got to meet a ton of new people, I especially like to meet my cousins that were about my age.  I got to ride a horse, celebrate birthdays, and spend a ton of time with family.