May 30, 2013

The Quilt

While I was wasting time on Pinterest one afternoon I found a few patterns for a t-shirt quilt.  I didn't really like any of the patterns but I thought that it would be a great idea for a gift for Fred when he graduated.  I took my time coming up with my own pattern and trying to figure out all the details.  This would be the largest sewing project I have taken on and I was very nervous about it.  I gathered up all of Fred's t-shirts that he had gotten during school and started cutting away.  This was so time consuming and I really only had during Blaiden's nap to work on it so it was taking a while.  I was about 3/4 of the way done cutting when Fred walked in on me working and figured everything out.  I was a little disappointed because I wanted it to be a surprise but this gave me the freedom to also work on it at night after Blaiden went to bed. 

It was so much work but I am so happy with the final product.  It turned out a little larger then I thought (my math was a little off).  In the end I had to take it to Missouri without the hem finished but I'm okay with that now knowing how much work I actually did get done.  I will finish it, hopefully before winter. 

 This is the last picture I have of the quilt, before the batting, tying, and hem, but you get the idea.
It is taking up almost the entire dining room.

May 29, 2013


Saturday was the big day!  Graduation started at 10 and of course Blaiden and I were the last ones there.  My parents had to wait outside for us because we had their tickets.  I am happy that I gave everyone else their tickets because if not we would have had a hard time finding seats.  It was a little difficult to get extra tickets but thanks to Ken and Lindsay we had enough for everyone to come.  Speaking of everyone I just wanted to name everyone who made the trip to support Fred.  His mom Margaret, his dad Larry and his wife Tonja, his aunts Linda and Liz, uncle Robert, grandma Yvonne, brothers Casey and Phillip, and My  mom Brenda and dad Jeff.  Thank you guys for all making the long trip for Fred's big day.  Blaiden did really well during graduation except for the 1 minute that Fred was going up on stage.  I am thankful I had help so I could take some pictures of the big moment when Fred got his hood.  

 After graduation I took Blaiden back to the room for a nap and Fred headed out to the lake to start getting things ready for our party.  Blaiden slept until 3 which is when the party was supposed to start.  We rushed out to the lake and found almost everyone there and people were already eating.  I ran around trying to get all the things ready that I had in my car.  Blaiden loved being outside and made the rounds showing off to everyone that would watch.  We had 3 graduates at our party.  It turned out great and we all had a great time.  After all the food was cooked we had cake and the boys decided to go fishing.  

It was a great day and I could tell that Fred was enjoying the moment, even though not much is changing in his work, but he does get to drop the "student" and is now called "doctor."  I just want Fred to know how proud I am of him.  It takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication, and not to mention a lot of time away to become a physician and Fred has done it.  We still have the long road of residency to get through but I know we can make it because Fred is so focused . 

CONGRATS DOCTOR KORPI!!! Blaiden and I love you!

May 28, 2013

Trip to Missouri

On May 11th we made our trip to Missouri.  Fred's graduation was not for another week but we had plenty of friends to see and we didn't even get to see everyone we wanted to.  The trip down was good.  We stopped at a few parks on the way to let Blaiden and Kiara get some energy out.  (Yes, we are the type of people that take their dog everywhere.  This is Fred's fault not mine.)  We got to Columbia about 7pm, we have found that Blaiden is now old enough where traveling all day is not horrible.  The DVD player helps with this and I also sit in the back with him while Kiara enjoys the front seat.  We stayed with Pam and Andy through Wednesday when we made our way to Kirksville.

 We stopped in Macon to have lunch with a Doc that Fred worked with.  We ate at AJ's and it was great, I am happy we got to try it out after the big fire.  That night we had a dinner with one on Fred's professors and a few other students.  This was a little boring for Blaiden and I because it was all medical talk.  Blaiden stayed up way past bedtime but Fred was having a good time.

Thursday Fred had to be at the school to do a bunch of stuff so Blaiden and I had the day to hang out because Fred's family was not getting in until late that night.  We went to the park in the morning to burn off some energy and then met up with Fred to see a few people before naptime.  After nap it was back to the park for us.  There were a ton of other kids there but all Blaiden wanted to do was chase birds.  That night we went to a dinner.  We put Blaiden to bed and then Fred's mom stayed in the room with him.  I am sure she was a little disappointed that this was the first time she got to see him in over 5 months and he was already sleeping.  We had a great time at dinner hanging out with all our friends.  This is the night that Fred got to burn his white coat, very exciting!!

Friday Fred went golfing with his brothers and a few others, while Blaiden and I hung out with Fred's Mom, Aunts, and Grandma.  We did some shopping and of course Blaiden got spoiled.  That night my parents were getting into town and they were going to watch Blaiden while Fred and I went to an awards banquet.  They were running late and so we had to meet outside the dinner to send Blaiden with them, this was probably for the best for me but I felt horrible for Blaiden.  I know they are his grandparents and love him but he doesn't really know them.  I felt like Blaiden was thinking I was just handing him off to strangers.  He did wonderful though and only got sad for a minute after we left. Blaiden stayed up to late again but I think he had a good time. Fred's Dad also got into town that night.  Larry and Tonja didn't really get to see Blaiden but they went out with Fred and his brothers and had a little to much fun.

Saturday was was graduation (another post).  Sunday was the day everyone had to go home, including us.  Everyone made it home safely even though the storms trough Nebraska made it a little difficult.

May 26, 2013

Mobile Snapshots #2

Blaiden helping me pack / Crazy hair after nap time

Being a boy eating dirt and getting dirty

Before bath time Blaiden decided to run around naked / Good morning Dad

Fred and Blaiden acting like Mark Sanchez / Blaiden watching Fred mow the lawn

Blaiden decided to "mow" just like Fred / Hiding in the pile of pillows on the couch

Blaiden is very excited to pack to go to Missouri / Kiara is not

May 24, 2013

Family Fun Day!

Fred just made me realize that it has been over a month since the last post on the blog.  I would like to make the excuse that I have been SOOO busy that I just can't find the time to write.  The real reason I have not been posting is with Fred being home from work this month my schedule has been thrown out the window.  Now my days have no schedule, we do whatever we want to, as long as we are home for nap time.  It is great and I will really miss it when Fred has to go back to work.

This day was no different.  We had bought tickets to the Safari Wildlife Drive Thru on Groupon about a week before.  It was such a nice day Fred had the idea to use our tickets so we planed to drive up during Blaiden's nap (it is 2 hours away).  I was so excited for Blaiden to see all the animals.  I was a little disappointed when we found out that not all of the animals would be out because it was still to cold at night but Blaiden wouldn't know the difference right?

Blaiden had a great time we even drove through the park twice.  He even tried to stick his hand up a buffalo's nose.  It was a great day spent as a family. 

I shouldn't let Fred dress Blaiden, or himself for that matter.

PS.  Happy 16th month birthday Blaiden!!