November 28, 2012

Traveling... Part 1

We are on a 2 month vacation from our house and will be traveling across the country while Fred is working.  Now the first part of our trip is over with. We were in Columbia MO for 2 weeks. We decided that it is easier for us to travel at night and so when Blaiden woke up at midnight that’s when we decided to hit the road. Our car was loaded up the night before so we were gone within a half hour. Our car was packed to the brim and we even had to put things on the roof. Fred started out driving, Blaiden and I were in the back seat and Kiara was in the back. The trip went well, I only drove a few hours and Blaiden slept most of the way and would go back to sleep soon after he ate. By the time we made it to Columbia (12 hours later) we were all ready to get out of the car.
We stayed with our friends Andy and Pam and had a great time seeing them on a daily basis again. We were there for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the Chief vs Bronco game, and the most exciting event: Blaiden’s first steps. Kiara also loved it there because her sister lives there. I don’t think those dogs ever stopped playing. We had to try and keep them contained because one of the first nights we were there the fighting was a little to close to Blaiden and he ended up with his first black eye. We are planning on stopping by again on our way back to Ohio to see them again.

 Now on to Colorado...

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy First Thanksgiving Everyone!

While Fred is working in Missouri for 2 weeks we are staying with our friends Pam and Andy.  We were not sure what our Thanksgiving holiday would be like this year and did not plan on a normal dinner.  Well it turned out to be a great day.  Pam and Andy had Thanksgiving dinner with their family the week before and so we stayed at their house and had a great Thanksgiving dinner for 5. 

I love Blaiden's Thanksgiving Day shirt!

 We did not make everything that we normally have but with only a few of us we did not want a ton of leftovers.  We had a turkey breast that was so juicy I didn't even miss the dark meat, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, rolls, and green bean casserole for Fred.

November 26, 2012

TEN Months Old!!

Ten Months Old

My Appearance:  I am not sure exactly what my weight and height are this month because we are not at home to check but I think I weigh about the same as last month.  I think I have grown a little in the last month because I can reach a lot more things this month.  My hair is getting longer this month and Mommy says it is time for another haircut.  She is also very happy because I still have a few curls in my hair.  I now have 6 teeth.  One came in right after my 9 month birthday and another came in just a few days ago.  Now when I smile you can see my mouth full of teeth with 4 on top and 2 on bottom.  I am still in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.  This winter weather is not good for my skin and I have a few patches of Eczema on my arms and legs so I get lathered up with lotion everyday. 

Milestones:  There were not really a lot of firsts this month.  I have been practicing standing by myself and now I can do that whenever I want.  I love this because now I can use both of my hands to examine whatever I come across.  I have also learned that I can stand up by myself and don’t need to have something to pull up on. My balance is getting so good that on Thanksgiving I started trying to take a step.  I could just lift my foot of the ground but I am not sure what to do next so I just fall down and crawl where I want to go.  Mommy and Daddy did get very excited though. 

Daily Routine:  My routine was much of the same until about a week ago.  Mommy and Daddy had the car packed up and even Kiara was in there and we drove all night to someone’s house.  We have been here for about a week and I have been having a blast playing with all of the new things even if I am not supposed to, like the dogs water bowl and power cords.  There is also a new puppy at this house that is really fun to play with but she plays with Kiara more then me.  I still take my naps and eat whatever I can pick up but I am just in a different place. 

Special Events:  This month Mommy and Daddy have taken me out to eat a few times.  It has been so fun to play with different things at restaurants and I get to eat some really good food.  I also got to dress up for Halloween, this year I was Tigger.  It was fun to hand out candy to all the kids that came over.  The next weekend we all took a trip to Cincinnati so Daddy could go watch the Broncos play and while we were there we went to the aquarium.  I loved to see all the fish especially the sharks.  Later that week I fell and bit my lip and it was pretty bloody but Daddy took real good care of me.  I was playing with the puppy’s this week and one of them hit me in the face.  The next morning I woke up with a black eye.  It wasn’t too bad though and was gone after about 5 days.  I just had my first Thanksgiving dinner.  I tried all of the good food and I think this is a pretty awesome holiday.    Another thing we did this month was take family pictures.  Mommy was so excited about this so I showed off my smile for her and she said they turned out great!

November 14, 2012

The (almost) Perfect Day

Nothing really special happen this Saturday but it turned out to be an almost perfect day.  It started out by Blaiden sleeping in until about 8:30!!  This never happens and I was so happy I could sleep in a little too.  Blaiden and I went downstairs and he ate and we played for about an hour then decided it was time to wake Fred up.  We all played in bed for a while then I started to get ready for the day.  This is where the (almost) comes into play.  Blaiden was standing by me while I was putting my hair up and he fell straight backwards and hit his head on the floor.  Fred came and picked him up and after a few seconds took Blaiden into the bathroom.  I got worried and so I went in to see blood coming out of his mouth.  He must have bitten the inside of his lip when he fell.  It was so sad to see him in pain so we cuddled on the couch until it was time for him to take a nap.
When Blaiden woke up from his nap he had blood all over his face.  His lip must have been bleeding a little during his nap, but as you can see he is not on any pain.
 While he was sleeping I got to clean out my car and do a few things around the house.  When Blaiden woke up we ate lunch and then got ready to take Kiara to the dog park.  The weather was great today and so we all wanted to spend some time outside.  When we got home there was some more playing before everyone in the house took an afternoon nap.  In the early evening we went outside to do a little work in the yard.  We just let Blaiden crawl around on the grass and he was having the best time.
This is a blurry cell phone picture of Blaiden having a blast outside.
It was such a great day spent together as a family.

November 10, 2012


I was thinking about posts for this month and I realized I hadn't wrote about Halloween yet so better late then never.

A week or two before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch to show Blaiden all of the fall festivities. He really loves to people watch and so he hardly ever looked at the camera.  We had a great time walking around and taking a ton of pictures.  It was a pretty nice day and a great little tradition we started with Blaiden.

Then a few days before Halloween we carved our pumpkins.  Blaiden was stripped down because I was going to let him play with all the guts but he was not that interested.  He grabbed one piece and decided he did not like the feeling and put it down.  He didn't even get dirty.  We cleaned out all three pumpkins and then after Blaiden was in bed we carved the designs.

Fred's, Blaidens, and my pumpkins
Massillion always designates 3-5 the Sunday before Halloween as the time to trick-or-treat.  When Blaiden woke up from his afternoon nap I put on his cute Tigger costume.  We found this costume on clearance while I was still pregnant and so we thought a 6-9 month size would work perfect, but it just barley fit and the legs were a little short.  It was worth it though because he really only wore it for about 3 hours.

November 6, 2012

Long Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we all went down to Cincinnati.  Fred wanted to go to the Bronco's game and he couldn't find anyone to go with him so he convinced me that we needed a little family getaway.  So we loaded up the car and made the 4 hour trip to Cincy.  We even took Kiara with us.  We left early Saturday morning during Blaiden's first nap.  We wanted to go to the aquarium and show Blaiden all of the fish.  He had a great time and he was actually interested in what we were doing this time compared to when we went to the St. Louis Zoo

After the aquarium we went to eat at a grilled cheese and tomato soup place.  We love this meal at home and it was even better at this restaurant.  Blaiden also approved with lunch.

On Sunday Fred went to the Bronco's game.  We took him down and walked around the stadium for a little while before we parted ways.  While at the game Fred met up with an old coach/teacher/friend from Colorado and watched part of the game with him.  Blaiden and I met up with them after the game was over and we all had dinner together.  It was great to see him, and Blaiden was very friendly, which Coach Geiser loved.