March 22, 2015


On January 31 the sun was out, it was just warm enough to go outside, and Fred didn't have to work.  Everything was working in our favor and so we decided that we were going to go sledding.  One of our friends has a hill in his back yard and it turned out to be the perfect hill for sledding with a 3 year old.  It was small enough that Blaiden could walk up by himself but it was big enough that the ride down was fun.

Fred and Blaiden did the first few run together then Adilene and I joined in.  Adilene went down a few times and she really enjoyed it!  After about half an hour Fred took Adilene inside because she was getting a little cold.  Blaiden and I stayed out and played for about another 45 minutes.  I didn't think I would ever get him to go inside.  We had a great time and Blaiden still talks about it 2 months later.
While Fred was inside with Adilene he was feeding her some lunch.  We didn't have a high chair but it turns out we didn't need one, today was the day Adilene decided that she could sit up all by herself!  I was shocked when I came into the house and saw her just sitting on the floor. This was the start of some very exciting stuff from Adilene but I'll share more about that in another post.  
 We had a great time and I am very excited about next year when we can do it again!

March 20, 2015

G-ma and G-pa Come Visit

This year my mom and dad got to come for Blaiden's birthday! It was so fun to have them here and Fred was pretty busy so I was happy to have some help to get ready for the party.  Most of their trip was spent here at the house just playing with the kids. We had a movie night after the kids went to bed and all the birthday prep.

Even with nothing big planned this was one of my favorite times they came out.  First my mom and dad both got to come out.  My dad had surgery the week before so he couldn't do a ton of stuff which was great because he just got to relax.  They played with the kids a ton and I think they had special moments.

One night we went out to celebrate my dads birthday and Blaiden's birthday.  It was a great night and everyone loved the food.  Both of the birthday boys got a huge ice cream dessert but Blaiden wouldn't even touch his so that meant I got to eat it.

Blaiden went upstairs with G-pa and they were up there for about an hour.  G-pa fell asleep after giving Blaiden some candy and letting him play on the ipad.  After that happened Blaiden wanted to do again every day.  G-pa also had some great cuddle time with Adilene.  Both of my kids have loved him from the beginning.  G-ma was just as crazy as ever, running around with the kids and doing whatever she can to get a laugh out of them.

They helped make Blaiden feel so special on his birthday it was a fantastic trip!

March 5, 2015

Blaiden is 3!

Three Years Old

My Appearance:  I am getting so BIG! My official stats are I am 39.75 inches tall, that’s over 3 feet! I weigh 33 pounds.  I like getting haircuts because Dad and I do it at home and I look just like him.  I have the prettiest eyes that are mostly blue but they have a hint of green on the outside.  I am in size 4T clothes for the most part but the waist is usually way to big, and size 8 shoe.  I have very long legs that are always covered in bruises because I fall a lot.  I have all my teeth now and when I am asked how many I have I say “2 one on top, one on bottom. 

Milestones:  Something big that has happened this last year is I am now potty trained.  Once I got over being scared of the potty it was really easy.  I rarely have any accidents. I am talking nonstop these days.  People still have a hard time understanding me and this gets me very frustrated at times.  I haven’t figured out how to use different tenses of the words yet and so Mom says I talk very cute.  There have been a ton of other things that I have done but it is hard to remember all the little stuff over the past year. 

Daily Routine:  In the morning I usually wake up a little before 7.  I get a little snack and wake up for a bit, and then Mom makes me a good breakfast of oatmeal or pancakes with sprinkles.  It is a real treat when she cooks bacon!  After breakfast it’s a day full of playing!  Some of my favorite things to do are kick and hit balls, jump on the couch, build forts, be outside, play with play doh, and play with Mom and Dad’s phones.  I am busy all day and I only take a nap about half of the time.  When I take a nap it pushes my bed time back to around 9 but if I don’t then I go to bed around 7:30.  I get to go and play with kids 1-2 times a week and I love it.  I tell Mom that when I am 5 I am going to school and will play with kids all day.  Meal times are getting a little better and I am actually starting to like meat which my parents love.  I also love banana smoothies that Mom makes for me.  I have about 4 a week!