February 29, 2012

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February 21, 2012

4 Weeks Old!!!

I decided I was going to do this every month so I can remember everything that happened when he was little and so I thought I would share.

One Month Old

My Appearance:  I am 22 ¼ inches long and 9 pounds 3 ounces today.  I still have a head full of hair that is light brown/dirty blonde.  My eyes are still a dark gray but they are getting lighter everyday.  The parts closest to the pupils are lighter and more blue then the outside.  Mommy and Daddy think they will end up blue.  My eyelashes are getting longer everyday and are starting to get dark but you still can’t see my eyebrows.  I am very long and look skinny, but I am packing on the pounds daily.  My fingers are very long and my nails need to be trimmed like twice a week.  I am going to have an inny belly button, but it sticks out a little when I am really mad and crying hard.  I have long lean legs that lead to my feet that look just like Mommy’s.  My second toe is longer then my big toe and I have little balls at the end of each toe.

Milestones:  This month has been a month full of firsts.  Some of the big ones are I went out to IHOP and did great, although I probably won’t make a habit of this.  I took my first bath which I hated and still don’t really like it.  I can look at Mommy and Daddy when they talk to me, this makes them very happy.  I also can lift my head up and keep it steady for a few seconds; I like tummy time and get to do it everyday.  Everything I did this month was a first and Mommy got pictures of it all.

Daily Routine:  I eat every 2 hours and each feeding lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  This is what most of my day consists of so I get to spend a lot of time with Mommy.  I also have plenty of dirty diapers that need to be changed and I don’t like to sit in them so I let Mommy and Daddy know when I need changed.  During the night I still eat every 2 hours but there are sometimes when I let Mommy sleep and skip one feeding for 4 hours.  I do tummy time and sit in my swing and get held a lot.  I like to sleep on Daddy’s chest the most.  I know when Daddy gets home from work and love to be held, Daddy has the magic touch and can make me stop crying when no one else can.

Special Events:  The major event this month was my birth!  I also got to meet most of my grandparents:  Ukki, Tonka, Grandma, and G-ma all came to visit me this month; G-pa is the only one that couldn’t make the trip out here.  I also got to meet some of Mommy’s and Daddy’s friends Becky, Jason, Amy, Aaron, Erika, and Ricky.  I did not eat very well the first week and lost weight.  The doctor was a little worried that I was too yellow so I had to go get a blood test, my Bili level was too high and so had to be placed on a Bili Blanket for 3 days.  I had to go and get my blood checked everyday until it was at a lower level and I was a big boy and didn’t even cry.  This messed up breast feeding a little but I am back on track now. 

Ukki and Tonka Visit

For the last 5 days Fred's dad Larry and his wife Tonja have been here to spend some time with Blaiden.  We have had a great time with them here and Blaiden is feeling the love.  Our days still consist of feedings and sleeping but there are a few times when he will be awake for an hour or so.  We went on our first outing to a restaurant (IHOP) and Blaiden did very well.

Ukki holding Blaiden for the first time. (Ukki is Finnish for Grandpa)

Larry and Tonja with Blaiden

Larry decided that he was going to get a tattoo of Blaiden's name and birthday while he was here.  This is his first tattoo and he said he wants all of his grand kid's names on there. 

Tonja approves.

On the last night of their visit we went shopping and they got Blaiden a swing.  He loves to listen to the music and I am sure he will spend some time in there the next few months.

Time for a Bath!

It took a few weeks but we were finally able to give Blaiden a real bath.  He still does not really enjoy bath time but it is getting better. 

He still like the lotion after the bath and then we swaddle him and he is ready for bed.

February 17, 2012


Blaiden had a special outfit to wear on Superbowl Sunday.  G-ma made this outfit and she was a little worried that it would be too big but he has already grown so much that it was a perfect fit.  I am not sure why he was not happy when we were taking pictures but he sure looks cute.

February 5, 2012

Dr. Visits

When Blaiden was a week old he had his first doctors appointment.  His doctor did not have the great news that we were expecting, he looked a little to jaundice and he had lost weight since we had left the hospital and was not gaining it back.  We had to go the the hospital to have his Bili level checked and it was high so we got a Bili Blanket.  He was on the blanket for 2 1/2 days and we had to go get his blood checked everyday to see if he could be taken off.  We also had to supplement breast feeding with formula to try and get his weight up.  We go back to check his weight in a few days but I think he is back on track and is a healthy little boy again.

He looks like a little glow worm.

Bath Time

 These are some pictures of Blaiden's first sponge bath.  He did not like the bath and he sure let us know.  He has a very large set of lungs and when he wants to use them watch out because he could hurt your ears.  After the bath when it was time for the lotion he calmed down and really enjoyed the massage. 

His first Mohawk (he does not like the flash)