April 25, 2017


Easter was a little different for us this year, but it wouldn't take much to beat last year. The week before we died Easter eggs and the kids were so in to it this year we had a great time.  I thought 18 eggs would be plenty but I was wishing I had a couple dozen more because the kids were loving it so much. 

 Fred was on call on Saturday and so when the kids got out of school on Thursday we headed for Columbus to spend some time with him.  When we got there we asked Blaiden what he wanted to do and his idea was ice cream so we set out to find some.  We just drove around a little trying to get to know the city will be calling home next summer and found a great local homemade shop.  The kids had tons of fun choosing their flavor and taste testing others.  Adilene didn't end up eating much she was more excited about running around the shop, it was a good thing we were the only ones in there at the time.

After we had our ice cream we knew that the kids would need to run off that sugar off and we didn't want that to happen in the hotel room so we tried to go to the botanical gardens but they were closing soon.  Right next to them there was a community garden with beautiful flowers and so the kids ran all around there and we got to see a ton of tulips which I loved. 

 The next day Fred had to go to work but he would be done early. The kids and I went down to the pool and did some swimming early that morning.  When we got back to the room the kids took a bath and then took an early nap.  Fred got back and we went to go get a bite to eat and headed to the zoo.  The kids had fun and it was a very hot day so we were happy that we were only there for the afternoon. 

Blaiden is about to touch a snake!

When we got back to the room the Easter Bunny had came and filled the kids the baskets!  They loved everything they got and Blaiden was so happy the Easter Bunny got the letter he had left saying that we would be in Daddy's hotel.  Saturday Went into work early and so when the kids woke up we headed back home. 

Easter morning the kids had gifts from their grandparents to open and the Easter Bunny came by again to hide eggs for the kids.  Overall they had a great time and I was so happy we got to have so much family time together.  I also think that with things spread out the kids had and even better time. 

April 20, 2017

April Fools Day

I am so excited I am blogging about April in April!!  Hopefully that means I won't have to do monthly posts anymore and can just blog about things as they happen!

Blaiden always says how he doesn't like jokes.  My family jokes a lot and so when my dad or brothers joke with Blaiden he doesn't really like it.  Fred and I were talking to Blaiden about April Fools Day with him and explaining that it was a day to just play funny jokes on people.  He didn't really understand and didn't really want to participate.  That morning Fred had to go to work and told Blaiden before he left that he had some surprises in the house. 

A while later I went over to the sink and Fred had put a rubber band around the sprayer and so I got wet when I turned the faucet on.  Blaiden thought that this was so funny and even had to test it out himself.  That is when he really got into things and we came up with a few tricks to get Fred back.  First we went to his work and hid his truck, then we set Oreo's out to apologize but we filled them with toothpaste, and last we put toys in his shoes. 

We played a few more tricks on the kids where we gave them suckers but really it was broccoli on a stick.  Adilene was not impressed and Blaiden thought it was funny but still a little sad there wasn't a real sucker.  The last thing we Fred did was fill Blaiden's pillow with balloons before bedtime.  At this point he was over all the jokes and got a little grouchy.  Overall he had a good day and is planning jokes to play on people next year. 

April 18, 2017


March was a great month.  Even though we had just went out to Colorado my mom already had a trip planned so she came out the first weekend of the month.  It was so fun because she got to stay a full week rather then her short 3 day trip she usually has.  Fred and I got to go out the movies and then the kids and I took her our drive through safari.  We also made 2 trips to the dollar theater, once with everyone we went to see Moana and then Blaiden and G-ma went to Monster Trucks the next day.  We had a great time with her here.  She also helped me complete a few projects in the house and I am happy to say that after about a year and a half our kitchen ceiling is finally finished and the fan is back up!

Just a few days after my mom left Fred's mom came into town. It was so fun because Fred was off for a few days while his mom was here and so we all hung out together.  Fred and I went on 2 dates one was to Sams Club, because we are cool like that, and the other was out to dinner for our 8th wedding anniversary.  We didn't do a ton out of the house because it was also the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament.  It was fun to just be home and Margaret got to spend a ton of time with the kids.  We did make a trip to JC Penny's so the kids could pick out an Easter gift from grandma.  Adilene picked a huge Maui doll from Moana that sings and loves it.  Blaiden picked a Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer and had to sleep with it for over a week.  They both still play with their toys daily.  Soon it was time for grandma to go home, but it was so great having her come visit.  I got to brag on Fred and show off all the work he has done in our house since the last time she was here.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and eating as much green food as we could.  The kids looked so cute going to school.  Fred also taught Blaiden how to play Mario on the wii and now Blaiden is obsessed.  He loves to play and asks all the time if he can play. 

The next week the kids were on spring break.  The weather was cold and rainy for most of the week and so we couldn't do much but we still had a good time, and had a few playdates with friends.  On the nice days Fred set up the swing set my parents got the kids for Christmas.  The kids were so excited and even helped out a little.  And just like that the month was over.

April 17, 2017


February was a crazy month and we had a lot going on the 28 days of the month. 

The beginning of the month we celebrated Fred's birthday and as usual we didn't do anything special as per his request.  We had a few gifts for him to open and that is about the extent of the celebration.  The next week we spent getting ready for Valentine's Day and our trip to Colorado.  Adilene had a doctor visit in the middle of the week to see if her numbers were good enough to go.  I got the test results and her counts were not good enough so I called all our family and told them that we would have to cancel our trip for a 2nd time.  Fred spoke with her doctor later that day and she said that things were going up and she was starting a steroid so there was no need to cancel!  I had to call all the family again and say just joking we were actually coming!  I'm just happy that I hadn't canceled our flights yet. 

We decided to keep Adilene home from school but Blaiden went and had his Valentine's day party.  I got to go and be apart of the fun while Fred stayed home with Adilene.  Blaiden had a great time and wanted to show off all of his favorite things in his class.  They have been learning about the solar system the last few weeks and he has been obsessed with it all.  

The next week the kids and I went to Colorado!  I was so excited to go because other then a short 36 hour Blaiden and I took we haven't been there for over a year. We had a great time and although we only got to see everyone only 1 time it was great to be home.  I even had family from Utah and California visiting that I got to see!  We made a trip up to Creede and went to Ihop with Fred's mom because that is where Blaiden wanted to go.  Blaiden also wanted to ride horses, go sledding, and see cows.  We fit it all in and stayed busy the entire week.  There was also plenty of time spent with Jed's kids including a sleepover.  We had a great time!

Just a day after we got home Adilene got a fever and we had to head up to the hospital.  This stay turned into an 3 day stay.  Then we came home and she got another fever which turned into another 8 day stay.  This time was extra difficult because there was a flu restriction on the floor and Blaiden was not allowed in there with us.  To make things even worse I got sick and so Fred had to stay with Adilene while he was on backup call and I came home with Blaiden.  I gave my sickness to Blaiden but thankfully it was only a 24 hour thing.  The rest of the week Blaiden spent with a friend while Fred was working and I stayed with Adilene.  It was a rough end to the month and it made me question if going to Colorado was worth it.  We got to come home March 1st.