January 29, 2014

Mickey Mouse Party

On Saturday we had Blaiden's birthday party.  He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and so that became the theme for the party.  I can't help myself from going a little crazy, I love throwing parties and going a little overboard with the theme.  I think it turned out great, after rushing to get everything decorated during naptime and getting all the food out it turned out to be a very relaxing and fun party. 

We had "Mickey" sandwiches where the cheese, meat, and bread were all in the shape of Mickey.

I think Blaiden had a great time.  He was running around playing with the other kids and being wild which is just how a kid should act on his birthday.  He blew out his candles (well spit on them) and ate his cake in true Blaiden fashion, no hands just stuffed his face right in the cake.

He opened his gifts and the kids played some more.  We had an empty house by about 6pm and Blaiden got spoiled some more with some left over candy.  By the time he got ready for bed his shirt was covered, I think that is proof enough that he had a great day.

January 28, 2014

Korpi's Are In Town

Fred's dad and his wife Tonja came out to our house to meet Adilene and see Blaiden in the middle of January.  We had a great time and like always it went by way to quickly.  They came in on Saturday afternoon and left that next Wednesday afternoon.  We managed to fit in everything we wanted to do and still have time to relax.  There was a lot of playing with Blaiden, he always loves visitors.  Adilene enjoyed all the cuddle time and she even got a few gifts while they were here.  We took them out to the Amish area and had a good time walking around a huge hardware store.  We are not sure when we will see them again but it was sure wonderful to have some visitors again.

 Blaiden and Tonka became very good friends.

 Fred got to play doctor and inject Larry

January 8, 2014

2014 Goals

I don't really like posting multiple times in a day but I am trying to get caught up.

I don't really set new year resolutions because I never really stick with it because they are usually things that take way to much effort for my liking.  This year however I have set a few goals that are very tangible and I hope to accomplish.  I thought that if I write them down I will hold myself more accountable. 

1. Run another 1/2 marathon and beat my last time of 2hr 9min (I'm shooting for one in June)
2. Complete a project from Pinterest every month.
3. Do 2 major projects for our house.
4. Buy a new car! (This means getting rid of debt)

7 Months Later...

Well on January 4th we have officially been homeowners for 7 months.  We have done quite a few things around the house.  I posted a lot of the after photos in this post.  Since then Fred has ripped out the carpet and refinished the hardwood in the kids bedrooms, we moved our bedroom downstairs, made a guest room upstairs, replaced the garbage disposal, sealed the wood to the sun-room, removed the pool and made a play area, hooked up water to the fridge and probably a lot more but I can't think of all the small things right now.

We actually have a ton more on the list of things to do like make a master closet, replace some pipes and create a parking space outside.  We also have a wish list like replace the appliances, paint the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and maybe do hardwood floors downstairs.  Who knows how much of this list we will get done because it has been a while since we have done anything but we have high hopes for our next few years here. 

2 Months Old

Two Month Old

My Appearance:  At this months check up I now weigh 10 pounds and I am 21 inches long.  I am getting long Mommy said she put away my newborn sleepers and even though the 3 month ones are too big that is what I am wearing.  My hair is growing in and I think I have more this month then I did before.  My eyes are starting to look a little more blue this month, so who knows what color they will end up.  My eyelashes and eyebrows are still blond and so they are hard to see but they are there I promise.  My cheeks are very round and Mommy says that I have a very round face.  Even though I am getting longer I still have a very round belly.  My torso is still where I am getting my length, my legs look short in some of my outfits.   

Milestones:  This month I didn’t really have any major milestones.  Mommy and Daddy have tried to make me smile but I am just not ready to show off yet.  I kind of forgot how to roll over but in the last week I have figured it out again and now I do it daily. 

Daily Routine:  I am eating every 3 hours.  Eating is still something that takes some time because nursing is still too hard for me but I am trying.  I am getting into more of a routine, I eat then I am awake for about an hour then take a nap.  When I wake up it is time to eat again.  When I am awake I do tummy time or hang out with Mommy or Daddy, sometimes Blaiden holds me too.  I have started taking naps in my crib.  Blaiden is too loud and so I couldn’t stay asleep so Mommy put me in my room.  I can get a much better nap in there.  At night I still sleep in my bassinet and I am actually sleeping a little more to be nice to Mommy.

Special Events:  This month I celebrated my very first Christmas.  I got to meet Santa and Mrs. Clause.  I wasn’t that excited on Christmas morning so I slept in so Mommy and Daddy could celebrate with Blaiden.  I woke up right when they were done opening presents to see what I got and eat breakfast. I also had my first New Years; I only made it to about 11:30pm so I didn’t get to watch the ball drop.  That’s about all that happened this month I just got to know my family better. 

January 1, 2014

The Best of 2013 Snapshots

Christmas 2013

To start off our Christmas celebrations Fred and I went to the hospital Christmas party.  I was very hesitant to leave Adilene but we have found a great babysitter.  I told Fred that we could be gone for a total of 3 hours so that the babysitter didn't have to feed her.  It's funny because with Blaiden this wouldn't have even been an option, I would never had even thought about leaving him.  It was a great night, dinner was delicious and it was great to see all of our friends.  We got pictures taken at the dinner, I will post them when I get them.

We took the kids to see Santa and Blaiden was not so sure about it.  He didn't hesitate to take the candy cane though. 

Christmas eve was very laid back, we had a good dinner of Porterhouse steaks.  We opened our new pj's  and loaded up the kids and went to look at lights.  A few years ago we found a house that has the lights that are coordinated with music on the radio.  Blaiden enjoyed this a lot and it could become a new tradition.

Christmas morning was great, I was so excited for Blaiden to see all the gifts and open all of them.  It was so cute to see his reaction.  It took a while before we got everything opened because Blaiden opened almost every single present.  Adilene slept the entire time which worked out so Fred and I could both watch Blaiden's reaction.  Once we were done I made breakfast while Blaiden and Fred played with all the new toys.  I found a recipe for stuffed and rolled french toast and I think it will become a new tradition it was so good.  The rest of the day we just relaxed and played with toys.  I don't think anyone got out of their pj's.

My family does a gift exchange the day after Christmas and so we had gifts to open then too.  Blaiden got some tools that he loves.  He will go around the house and just "fix" stuff. 

It was a great way to end the year.  We wish we could have spent the holiday with family but it was also nice that it was so relaxing and we could just enjoy it as a family of 4.