January 8, 2014

7 Months Later...

Well on January 4th we have officially been homeowners for 7 months.  We have done quite a few things around the house.  I posted a lot of the after photos in this post.  Since then Fred has ripped out the carpet and refinished the hardwood in the kids bedrooms, we moved our bedroom downstairs, made a guest room upstairs, replaced the garbage disposal, sealed the wood to the sun-room, removed the pool and made a play area, hooked up water to the fridge and probably a lot more but I can't think of all the small things right now.

We actually have a ton more on the list of things to do like make a master closet, replace some pipes and create a parking space outside.  We also have a wish list like replace the appliances, paint the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and maybe do hardwood floors downstairs.  Who knows how much of this list we will get done because it has been a while since we have done anything but we have high hopes for our next few years here. 

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