January 28, 2014

Korpi's Are In Town

Fred's dad and his wife Tonja came out to our house to meet Adilene and see Blaiden in the middle of January.  We had a great time and like always it went by way to quickly.  They came in on Saturday afternoon and left that next Wednesday afternoon.  We managed to fit in everything we wanted to do and still have time to relax.  There was a lot of playing with Blaiden, he always loves visitors.  Adilene enjoyed all the cuddle time and she even got a few gifts while they were here.  We took them out to the Amish area and had a good time walking around a huge hardware store.  We are not sure when we will see them again but it was sure wonderful to have some visitors again.

 Blaiden and Tonka became very good friends.

 Fred got to play doctor and inject Larry

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