January 29, 2014

Mickey Mouse Party

On Saturday we had Blaiden's birthday party.  He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and so that became the theme for the party.  I can't help myself from going a little crazy, I love throwing parties and going a little overboard with the theme.  I think it turned out great, after rushing to get everything decorated during naptime and getting all the food out it turned out to be a very relaxing and fun party. 

We had "Mickey" sandwiches where the cheese, meat, and bread were all in the shape of Mickey.

I think Blaiden had a great time.  He was running around playing with the other kids and being wild which is just how a kid should act on his birthday.  He blew out his candles (well spit on them) and ate his cake in true Blaiden fashion, no hands just stuffed his face right in the cake.

He opened his gifts and the kids played some more.  We had an empty house by about 6pm and Blaiden got spoiled some more with some left over candy.  By the time he got ready for bed his shirt was covered, I think that is proof enough that he had a great day.

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