October 14, 2016


We knew that for the most part of July Adilene's numbers would not be high enough to leave the house or she could be in the hospital so we took full advantage when she was able.  July started off by my mom coming into town.  We had a wedding to go to about 2 hours away and she was going to stay with the kids over night.  We had a great time at the wedding and we were so happy have a night away.  My mom took the kids to a park to watch fireworks and drink shakes, like I said before grandparents are the best!  Her and I also took Blaiden to "Chucky Cheese" and he had a blast.  He always wants to go play in the play places at McDonalds but I always have to tell him Adilene can't go in there.  Since our date in June he has said we need to have a date where he can go play, this was it.  She was only in town for a short weekend but we were so happy she came out. 

The next weekend Adilene was able to leave the house so we loaded up and headed to the zoo about an hour away.  We had never been to this one before and the entire family loves the zoo so we thought it was a great idea.  The kids had a blast, Blaiden's favorite part was playing on the playground where there was a 3 story slide that looked like a snake.  Adilene's favorite part was running around when she got out of the stroller, she made a nice monkey friend, and riding a train to see kangaroos.  We had a great day!

After that we were stuck in the house and so I just tried to do small fun things with the kids.  we had fun bath times, took selfies, drives in the car, and played dress up.  A friend of ours took Fred and Blaiden out on his boat to go fishing.  Blaiden has wanted to go fishing for over a year and we just haven't done it yet so he was so excited to go.  They didn't catch anything but he still had a great time. 

The last weekend of the month I took Blaiden to the library where they were having an outdoor movie night.  He was so excited to go, we had been planning it all summer and he had to read everyday to get to go.  I kind of forgot to keep track of days he read enough books but we went anyway.  It was so fun to get to spend time with him one on one. 

Finally on the last day of the month I turned the BIG 30!  I was dreading this birthday but I can't stop it from coming.  Fred was awesome, I was so lazy all day and loved it.  Blaiden had gotten me a necklace and some nail polish that he had picked out all by himself about a month before.  They got me another ice cream cake (Blaiden's idea), and we ordered take out for dinner.  I guess if I have to have a birthday this is great way to have one. 

I felt like this month was a great one for our family.  Adilene did not feel the best most of the time but we were able to stay out of the hospital.  Blaiden got a ton of one on one and family time, which I think helps he deal with everything so much better.  Fred and I got a night alone to just have fun, I could relax knowing my mom was with the kids and that was wonderful. 

October 11, 2016


We started out the month with the annual ortho pig roast.  The kids had a great time and swam for about 2 hours.  I took them home and Fred stayed to have more fun. 

June 6th Adilene started a new phase of her chemo.  We were warned that this is a pretty intense round of chemo where it takes her first 8 weeks of chemo and condenses it into 6 weeks.  We were all pretty worried about hospital stays this month because we assumed that she would end up there.  I think it was a combination of things like how amazing Adilene is and Fred and I becoming germ freaks but we managed to stay out of the hospital. 

Blaiden wrapped up his first soccer season.  He got a metal at the end of the season and he was so happy because he thought they finally won a game.  I thought for sure that he wouldn't want to play again but he was very disappointed it was over and says he is excited about playing next year.  This picture makes me laugh because all the kids are sitting nicely except Blaiden.  This was kind of his attitude during the entire season. 

It seems like every weekend in June we had something going on.  First was the pig roast, and next was Blaiden's last soccer game.  The 3rd weekend, Friday Blaiden and I went out on a date.  We went to Finding Dory, to the mall to ride motorized animals, and ate cinnamon rolls. That night Fred and Blaiden slept outside in the tent.  He felt so special to have a day where he had so much fun going on.  Fred was on call this weekend and so Saturday I took the kids to a strawberry festival.  We had so much fun picking our own strawberries.  Adilene was covered in juice by the end of the day, it was so fun and they were delicious!

The last weekend in June is always a fun one for Fred and I.  We get all dressed up to celebrate the graduating residents.  One night is for all the programs and the next is the Ortho roast.  It is such a fun time to get together with everyone, many of my friends are from other programs and so I love these parties. 

October 10, 2016


May started off a little scary, Adilene had been admitted into the hospital a few days before but her breathing wasn't very good and she wasn't getting enough oxygen.  She had to be sent to the PICU so she could receive a higher percentage of oxygen.  We were worried about taking care of Blaiden because he could not be in the PICU with me and Fred had a very busy week with work.  So my amazing dad flew out here to help with Blaiden While Adilene was in the hospital. 

The funny thing about this hospital stay is that by the time we decided that we would need some help and my dad got here Adilene was already out of the PICU.  It was still helpful to have him here because we didn't get home for another few days.  Blaiden had a blast and I think he ate an entire bag of liquorish for dinner one night.  Grandparents are the best!  I was sad I didn't get to spend more time with him but I was so thankful that he was willing to drop everything and come out here when we asked. 

 Mother's Day was in May and it was a great day.  We all got to be home as a family.  I had told Fred that I would just buy my own gift because I knew exactly what I wanted.  I got a ring from Lisa Lenord and I absolutely love it.  The day of, Blaiden surprised me with some jewelry and nail polish and an ice cream cake.  Adilene's numbers were not high enough to go out so we ordered takeout and ate at home.  It was a great day. 

Shortly after that we were back in the hospital Fred was working at Children's that month and so he would just bring Blaiden every morning and then take him home when he got off work.  It worked out great and I loved that I didn't have to miss out on time with him. 

Adilene had a first this month... She had her first broken bone.  She was playing with some toys and tripped over one of them.  She cried and wouldn't put any weight on her leg.  Fred knew exactly what happened and said that she would be fine in a few days but he would set me up an appointment at Children's if I wanted him to.  I of course said yes.  It turns out that Fred was right but for crazy moms like me she was put in a cast for 3 weeks. 

Another first for Adilene was a trip to the dentist.  She did not like it at all but we learned that she has all her teeth but 1.  Blaiden's trip to the dentist was also a success.  The last time he went he had a ton of cavities, but this time he was cavities free!  I don't feel like we did anything different he loves to brush his teeth and never forgets but I'll take it. 

October 5, 2016


Well hello my little space of the internet world, it seems like I have been neglecting you for quite a while and I am a little sad about it.  This is a significant time in our life and I would really like to remember the little moments that helped our family get through this time.  And more importantly how amazing our little girl really is!  I am going to try and think back to the previously months and do a small recap with a few photos until I can catch up and then I'll get back to my regular writing schedule. 

April was a pretty good month! Adilene stayed well enough most of the month.  She was in the hospital to start the month and end the month.  We were stuck in the house most of our time at home but that's better then being in the hospital.  We took Blaiden out of school this month, He was a little sad but I was happy to have him home with me more.

Blaiden also started soccer this month.  He is that cutest little thing out there.  Fred and I both thought that he was so athletic for his age but I think we were blinded by love.  He needs tons of practice and he doesn't really try out there.  He likes to stand by the coach when he is supposed to be playing.  He says he likes it and he does have a competive spirit because he is sad when the game is over and he doesn't score a goal, most of the time he is lucky if he even gets to kick the ball. 

My mom got to make a trip out this month, it was only a few short days but it was nice to see her.

One day while Fred was home with Blaiden they went out and flew a kite.  It's the little things like that, that make it hard to be separated.  Fred and I both miss out of these little moments with the other child and while it is a great bonding experience I know Fred and I would rather have it be a family experience. 

One fun thing we did do as a family was teach the kids how to play "Duck, Duck, Goose."  They both had a good time and Blaiden asks to play the game often.