October 14, 2016


We knew that for the most part of July Adilene's numbers would not be high enough to leave the house or she could be in the hospital so we took full advantage when she was able.  July started off by my mom coming into town.  We had a wedding to go to about 2 hours away and she was going to stay with the kids over night.  We had a great time at the wedding and we were so happy have a night away.  My mom took the kids to a park to watch fireworks and drink shakes, like I said before grandparents are the best!  Her and I also took Blaiden to "Chucky Cheese" and he had a blast.  He always wants to go play in the play places at McDonalds but I always have to tell him Adilene can't go in there.  Since our date in June he has said we need to have a date where he can go play, this was it.  She was only in town for a short weekend but we were so happy she came out. 

The next weekend Adilene was able to leave the house so we loaded up and headed to the zoo about an hour away.  We had never been to this one before and the entire family loves the zoo so we thought it was a great idea.  The kids had a blast, Blaiden's favorite part was playing on the playground where there was a 3 story slide that looked like a snake.  Adilene's favorite part was running around when she got out of the stroller, she made a nice monkey friend, and riding a train to see kangaroos.  We had a great day!

After that we were stuck in the house and so I just tried to do small fun things with the kids.  we had fun bath times, took selfies, drives in the car, and played dress up.  A friend of ours took Fred and Blaiden out on his boat to go fishing.  Blaiden has wanted to go fishing for over a year and we just haven't done it yet so he was so excited to go.  They didn't catch anything but he still had a great time. 

The last weekend of the month I took Blaiden to the library where they were having an outdoor movie night.  He was so excited to go, we had been planning it all summer and he had to read everyday to get to go.  I kind of forgot to keep track of days he read enough books but we went anyway.  It was so fun to get to spend time with him one on one. 

Finally on the last day of the month I turned the BIG 30!  I was dreading this birthday but I can't stop it from coming.  Fred was awesome, I was so lazy all day and loved it.  Blaiden had gotten me a necklace and some nail polish that he had picked out all by himself about a month before.  They got me another ice cream cake (Blaiden's idea), and we ordered take out for dinner.  I guess if I have to have a birthday this is great way to have one. 

I felt like this month was a great one for our family.  Adilene did not feel the best most of the time but we were able to stay out of the hospital.  Blaiden got a ton of one on one and family time, which I think helps he deal with everything so much better.  Fred and I got a night alone to just have fun, I could relax knowing my mom was with the kids and that was wonderful. 

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