October 10, 2016


May started off a little scary, Adilene had been admitted into the hospital a few days before but her breathing wasn't very good and she wasn't getting enough oxygen.  She had to be sent to the PICU so she could receive a higher percentage of oxygen.  We were worried about taking care of Blaiden because he could not be in the PICU with me and Fred had a very busy week with work.  So my amazing dad flew out here to help with Blaiden While Adilene was in the hospital. 

The funny thing about this hospital stay is that by the time we decided that we would need some help and my dad got here Adilene was already out of the PICU.  It was still helpful to have him here because we didn't get home for another few days.  Blaiden had a blast and I think he ate an entire bag of liquorish for dinner one night.  Grandparents are the best!  I was sad I didn't get to spend more time with him but I was so thankful that he was willing to drop everything and come out here when we asked. 

 Mother's Day was in May and it was a great day.  We all got to be home as a family.  I had told Fred that I would just buy my own gift because I knew exactly what I wanted.  I got a ring from Lisa Lenord and I absolutely love it.  The day of, Blaiden surprised me with some jewelry and nail polish and an ice cream cake.  Adilene's numbers were not high enough to go out so we ordered takeout and ate at home.  It was a great day. 

Shortly after that we were back in the hospital Fred was working at Children's that month and so he would just bring Blaiden every morning and then take him home when he got off work.  It worked out great and I loved that I didn't have to miss out on time with him. 

Adilene had a first this month... She had her first broken bone.  She was playing with some toys and tripped over one of them.  She cried and wouldn't put any weight on her leg.  Fred knew exactly what happened and said that she would be fine in a few days but he would set me up an appointment at Children's if I wanted him to.  I of course said yes.  It turns out that Fred was right but for crazy moms like me she was put in a cast for 3 weeks. 

Another first for Adilene was a trip to the dentist.  She did not like it at all but we learned that she has all her teeth but 1.  Blaiden's trip to the dentist was also a success.  The last time he went he had a ton of cavities, but this time he was cavities free!  I don't feel like we did anything different he loves to brush his teeth and never forgets but I'll take it. 

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