February 17, 2014

A Place to Eat

Fred had the last week of January off of work and so we thought why not get some work done on the house.  I have been wanting to build a bench so we could have our dining table out and actually have a place to eat.  Fred did all the plans himself and got to work.  It did take all week but he took it slow because he had time and it is hard working around 2 different nap schedules.  Fred did a great job and we actually ate at the table for the first time for Fred's birthday.  Blaiden and I use the table daily.  Blaiden loves that he has something new to climb on.  One project down many more to go.

 The After photo is almost complete I still need to make/buy some seat covers but we have been using it a ton and Blaiden loves that he has something new to climb on.

February 16, 2014

Fun in the Snow

In the past 2 weeks we have gotten over 8 inches of snow and none of it has melted.  On Saturday we got another round of snow that was around 4 inches.  Fred and I wanted to work together to clear the driveway quickly.  Blaiden woke up from his nap when we were going to head out so we bundled him up and he came out with us.  At first he did not want to step on the snow.  I think this is because whenever he walks outside I tell him not to get in the snow.

He followed us around for a little while then he started to play around.  we started throwing snowballs at Fred.  Fred went in to check on Adilene and Blaiden and I decided to go for a walk in our front yard.  The snow was so deep Blaiden had to hold both of my hands to walk through it.  It was so fun and Blaiden loved being outside again, we haven't been out much this winter. 

Fred's 30!!

Happy birthday Fred!!  Just like every year Fred's birthday was very low key.  I cooked steak and green beans, Fred's favorites, although it was not my best night in the kitchen.  We didn't even have cake or ice cream this year because Fred is doing his low carb diet.  He actually started his diet on his birthday, who does that!  He had opened 2 gifts early that had came in the mail and so he only had one to open that night and Blaiden helped a lot with that one.  At the end of the night I told Fred sorry that there wasn't anything that made that day special and he said that is exactly the way wanted it.  We are so opposite in this but if he is happy then so am I. 

 Blaiden was right there to make sure that Fred knew how to open his presents.

February 10, 2014

2 Years Old

Two Years Old

My Appearance:  I had my two year check up this week, a few days after my birthday.  I now weigh 27 pounds (50%) and am 36 inches tall (72%).  I keep my hair short because it takes mom less time to dry after my bath.  My eyes are a light blue but when I wear green it kind of makes them look green too.  I have all my teeth except my 2 year molars.  I am wearing 2t-3t clothes and still in a size 4 diaper.  Mommy tries to get me to use the potty but I don’t really care about that right now.  My legs are always covered in bruises.  I am always running into things and falling so my legs are the proof.

Milestones:  Now that I am 2 when I get asked how old I am I just say “big.”  I have been talking a lot more but it is still mostly in a language that only Mommy and Daddy understand.  I also became a big brother!! I love my little sister and I call her “nana.”  I don’t really know all the little milestones that I have had in the past 6 months.  I am so much more active, running and jumping are some of my favorite things to do.  I love to chase Kiara around the house.  I have also discovered I can scream, and I practice this a lot.  I also don’t listen to Mom and Dad sometimes and so I get sent to time out. 

Daily Routine:  I sleep in till about 7 and when I get up I go straight to kitchen to get some breakfast.  Once I have something to eat and my cup of milk I go and sit on the couch with mom (sometimes Adilene is awake and she sits with us too).  We all watch a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.  After I wake up a little I start to find things to play with.  When Adilene eats I usually have a snack and watch a show.  I love to dump out all the toys in my toy box and then not play with any of them.  Right now I love my building blocks, cars and trucks, and balls.  Also anything I can ride on is always fun.  I don’t have a favorite food really right now.  I love to snack and so when meal time comes I don’t really eat that much.  I have learned that Mommy and Daddy have been hiding all the yummy foods from me like candy and ice cream.  I am so excited when I get to share some of these foods with them.  I take one nap still around noon and sleep for about 1 ½ hours then it’s more play time until I go to bed at around 7:30-8.