February 16, 2014

Fred's 30!!

Happy birthday Fred!!  Just like every year Fred's birthday was very low key.  I cooked steak and green beans, Fred's favorites, although it was not my best night in the kitchen.  We didn't even have cake or ice cream this year because Fred is doing his low carb diet.  He actually started his diet on his birthday, who does that!  He had opened 2 gifts early that had came in the mail and so he only had one to open that night and Blaiden helped a lot with that one.  At the end of the night I told Fred sorry that there wasn't anything that made that day special and he said that is exactly the way wanted it.  We are so opposite in this but if he is happy then so am I. 

 Blaiden was right there to make sure that Fred knew how to open his presents.

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