March 25, 2013

4 Years ago

March 20th 2013

Four years ago Fred and I said "I do". These years have been wonderful for us and we are so excited to see what is next in this happily ever after story.

This year the plan was to do something special for the other person but not spend any money.  We are trying to save money to buy a house.  So I got busy making a special card for Fred and was going to make him homemade stroganoff, one of his favorite meals. I also got low carb ice cream for dessert.  Fred came home on the 19th and asked if I could find some crayons and then leave him and Blaiden alone for a few minutes. When I came back down Fred asked if I wanted to see.  We can never really wait when we have gifts for each other so we gave our cards to each other.  Fred read his card and then was all excited to see me read mine.  It was a sweet little poem but it was from Blaiden not Fred.  There was a code with capital letters and numbers and it read "SWEET SIXTEEN ELITE 8 DUKE VS SPARTY"  I didn't really understand what it meant so Fred explained that we had tickets to the basketball games in Indianapolis and there was a chance that Duke and Michigan State could be playing.  After last night we now know that they will be playing on Friday night and we will be there to watch!

I know we were not supposed to spend money this year for gifts but this is such a great gift I couldn't even be mad.  I am so excited to spend Easter weekend watching basketball. 

March 1, 2013

Another month has passed.

13 Months old

This is 5 days late but better late then never I guess.  I have been trying to decide what I wanted to do for the monthly updates.  Blaiden is getting older and the monthly updates are a lot shorter so I am going to start something different.  I am calling it 10 new facts about my life... here is goes.

  1. I love Food!!!  I have stopped nursing and although I miss the snuggle time with Mommy I have decided that the food she cooks is wonderful.
  2. I am so big I got a new car seat.  I feel like such a big boy when I sit it there.  
  3. I love going outside.  This month we have got to go out a few days and now that I can walk i can explore the entire yard.  
  4. Daddy had a birthday this month and I got to help him open presents, I am pretty much a pro at that now.
  5. I learned that I am allergic to milk.  I drink almond milk now and I love it.  
  6. I am learning new signs all the time.  I learned drink, eat, and more.  Since I am loving food these were the only ones that I was interested in.  
  7. Kiara is my best friend.  I love to chase her around the house and when she lets me catch her I make sure I give her a hug.  
  8. I can run!!
  9. I love to copy whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing.  I lift weights with Daddy and help Mommy clean the kitchen.
  10. I love to look out windows.  There are a few windows in the house that I can see out of without needing help and I love to stare out see see the cars driving by, birds, and dogs.