March 1, 2013

Another month has passed.

13 Months old

This is 5 days late but better late then never I guess.  I have been trying to decide what I wanted to do for the monthly updates.  Blaiden is getting older and the monthly updates are a lot shorter so I am going to start something different.  I am calling it 10 new facts about my life... here is goes.

  1. I love Food!!!  I have stopped nursing and although I miss the snuggle time with Mommy I have decided that the food she cooks is wonderful.
  2. I am so big I got a new car seat.  I feel like such a big boy when I sit it there.  
  3. I love going outside.  This month we have got to go out a few days and now that I can walk i can explore the entire yard.  
  4. Daddy had a birthday this month and I got to help him open presents, I am pretty much a pro at that now.
  5. I learned that I am allergic to milk.  I drink almond milk now and I love it.  
  6. I am learning new signs all the time.  I learned drink, eat, and more.  Since I am loving food these were the only ones that I was interested in.  
  7. Kiara is my best friend.  I love to chase her around the house and when she lets me catch her I make sure I give her a hug.  
  8. I can run!!
  9. I love to copy whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing.  I lift weights with Daddy and help Mommy clean the kitchen.
  10. I love to look out windows.  There are a few windows in the house that I can see out of without needing help and I love to stare out see see the cars driving by, birds, and dogs. 

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