February 23, 2013

Family update...

I thought it would be nice to have an update on the whole family and not just Blaiden (even though he is the one I like to talk about the most).

Fred- He is cruising through school and is almost done.  He has a family practice rotation left and then he will be done with those, he graduates in May, and will start working in July.  His BIG news is that he got an Orthopedic residency spot in Massillon, so that means that we are here for another 5 years.  This is where he wanted to be (me too!) and so we are very happy about this.  School takes up a lot of his time but in his spare time the past few weeks he has been working on his carpentry skills and built a workout bench.  It looks so nice we keep it in the front room to use as a regular bench when he isn't using it for the real reason he built it.

Blaiden- I am going to do Blaiden's 13 month update in a few days so I'll keep this one short.  He is so fun.  He loves to run around the house, be chased, and look outside.  I am sure he would rather be outside than look but the weather has just not been nice enough for us to get outside much.  His laugh has changed, it is lower and more of a laugh then a giggle now.  He can entertain himself but loves when he gets attention.  Once the whole room is looking at him he tries hard to keep that attention.

  Me- Well there is not much news worthy information about me.  My days consist of running errands, cooking, cleaning, and playing.  I am looking forward to having Fred home for a few months before he starts working.  I am looking forward to the weather to get warmer because I found another half marathon in June that I am going to start training for and have a goal time of under 2 hours.  I am very excited that we are staying in Massillon for the next 5 years.  I have not lived in the same area for that long since I have left my parents house for college.  I know that this is a great area to be in and look forward to raising a family here.

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