February 6, 2013

A Letter To Blaiden


I can’t believe how fast you have grown.  I think back to this time last year when I had no idea what I was doing, was getting no sleep, and worried about every little thing.  This year I somewhat know what is going on, I am getting a little bit more sleep (the last 2 nights have been wonderful), and I still worry about every little thing.  You have changed everything about my life and now I wonder why I waited so long to bring you into it.

We took you to your 1 year appointment yesterday and your doctor said it perfectly, “is this really the same baby we were so worried about a year ago, he has grown into a beautiful and perfect baby.”  I guess I would make one correction to his statement; you are no longer a baby you have graduated into toddler hood. 

I love everything about you, I can’t get enough.  I love that I get to spend every day with you and enjoy all the little things that you do.  When we are reading books you now have to have your own, this makes it a little hard to show and teach you about things that are on the page, but I have learned that you like to be independent.  You think when we say “Blaiden, come here” it means turn and run so we will chase you.  This makes me laugh every time, even when we are in a hurry.  You love Kiara and when you get the chance to give her a hug you always do.  You also like to crawl over her when she is lying down, which she doesn’t really like but she lets you do it anyway. 

Watching you learn new things is so exciting for me.  We have taught you a few signs and when you catch on I can hardly contain myself.  You learned milk last week and I started jumping up and down while you were in your high chair.  You are starting to use your toys the way they were made to be played with.  You have started wanting to climb up things.  You have climbed up the stairs for a while now but now you want to climb on the couch.  You are not quite tall enough and so you will use a toy to stand on to try and get up, you usually fall but that doesn’t stop you from trying again. 

That little brain of yours is working all the time.  Actually it’s not so little your head circumference is in the 75% for your age.  You love to put balls in any container and carry them around; you get so frustrated when they fall out.  You feel the need to explore everything.  This includes all of the cabinets in the kitchen and any doorway that you can get through.  You also love to carry things, heavy things, I don’t quite get this maybe it boy thing.  While I am in the kitchen cooking you roam around and pull out anything and everything.  By the time I am done I can’t even take a step without tripping on something. 

As you enter this next year of you life I find it hard to let you go, you don’t need me as much anymore and I am having a hard time adjusting to this.  I am trying to give you more space but always know I will be there when you fall or can’t reach something.  I still think of you as my baby, I don’t think that will ever change.
I love you.

Love Mom

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