February 26, 2016

6 day hospital stay

The Monday after the super bowl Adilene was not feeling great.  All weekend she had been spiking a temp up to around 100.  The rule is to call the doctor when her temperature would get up to 101, so we were unsure of what to do all weekend.  Then Monday night at dinner her temp went up to 100.8 and we just called the doctor before it got to late. They decided that we should come in and when you go in you will most likely be admitted for about 2-3 days.  Our stay turned into 6 days.

This hospital stay was a little harder with Fred working, Blaiden here, and Adilene feeling pretty good.  It turns out that Adilene had pneumonia.  We had to stay until Wednesday to make sure she didn't' have an infection.  Her counts were coming back pretty well so they decided on Wednesday that she would just do her next 4 days of chemo in the hospital.

Blaiden and Fred had a pretty wild week together.  We had already made some arrangements for him on Tuesday because Adilene had an appointment.  The problem was that Fred ended up working until about 8:30 so our friends had him for about 14 hours.  Wednesday was also okay because Blaiden went to school and Fred could just pick him up after.  The nights were hard because Fred had to work stat care Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  On Thursday Blaiden had to wake up really early and come spend the day with me and Adilene at the hospital.  It actually was a really fun day and Blaiden got to take a nap in the bathtub!  He was not that excited at first but when he woke up he said it was really comfortable.  Friday and Saturday he went to work with Fred all day. 

Keeping Adilene occupied in the hospital was quite the challenge.  This was our first stay since we got out in January and so she was feeling much much better. This is a good problem to have and I would not have it the other way but man, I was tired.  We were in isolation for the first 3 days and so we couldn't leave our room.  Adilene was also hooked up to fluids and so she couldn't really get out of the bed to play.  After she was cleared to come out of isolation her counts were good enough that we actually got to walk around the entire hospital.  she was so happy to get out of the room let alone leave the floor.  By the end we were so ready to come home and it took all day on Saturday but we got discharged around 6pm. 

February 24, 2016

Superbowl 50

What can I say about the Superbowl.  Fred is still on cloud 9 and I am pretty sure that it will last until the Bronco's next loss, when ever that is.  He was so excited during the game and the funny part was that the kids went to bed at half.  Keeping Fred calm enough so that he was not yelling and waking up the kids was difficult.  I felt like I had to keep repeating myself telling him to calm down.  After the game was over Fred wanted to run around the house yelling, I was not that excited and was ready for bed.  I felt kind of bad for him because he didn't have anyone to celebrate with him.  However, a lot of people called him so he got to talk about the game with those people.  We ate on Bronco plates that day that were left over from the last time they were in the Superbowl.

We have a plan to drive over to the Hall of Fame because it is lit up in orange and blue.  Fred also already has a ticket to the Hall of Fame during the Hall of Fame week here.  He can hardly wait for that because at the end of the museum there is a film about the last Superbowl winner.  Needless to say I don't think that will be his only time there to watch it. 

February 23, 2016

Fred's Birthday

There is never much to write about for Fred's birthday.  The only thing he wants is a good meal.  I never get to really celebrate his birthday.  He even gets mad when I bring out his gifts.  This year his birthday lasted a few days.  We are a very impatient family and so since Fred had to be at a work meeting on his birthday Blaiden wanted to give him his gifts the night before.  I caved easily and so his birthday celebration began.

The next night he went out to a nice restaurant and brought home a giant cookie and ice cream to share with me.  Friday is the night I cooked him a great steak dinner.  Another year down, maybe I will plan something bigger next year and he can just deal with it. 

February 19, 2016

My new hair cut

I completed one of my goals this year and it is only February!  On the 2nd I got my hair cut, I am still learning how to style it and trying to get use to having short hair but I do love it.  I was able to donate 2 12 inch ponytails to wigs for kids.  I was very nervous about cutting my hair and it was probably shorter then I would have gone normally but I am so happy I could donate.  I hope some girl loves her new hair!

February 16, 2016

Mobile Snapshots #2

Family in Town

It seems like I have forgotten about this little blog for the last 2 weeks.  Time to get caught up again.

Before everything that happened with Adilene my parents, older brother, younger brother and his family were all planning on coming out for Blaiden's birthday.  My younger brother, his wife, and their youngest daughter stayed home so they wouldn't get Adilene sick but they sent their oldest daughter, Blaiden's best friend Hadley, along with my parents and older brother. 

They were here for about 5 days and it was a great time.  The first night Blaiden and Hadley stayed up eating candy and watching the ipad until about 1 am.  G-Ma was supposed to be in charge of the kids but in the end Blaiden came to our bed when he was finally ready to go to bed. 

The playing just continued the entire trip and by the end Blaiden was exhausted, it took 2 days to get him back on track after they left.

Saturday we had Blaiden's birthday party and that was so much fun and I loved having all the help.  Sunday was the bronco game and so that was the focus of the day.  Hadley had brought a Tom Brady jersey but she said she wanted to be like Blaiden and cheer for the Broncos.  Her mom was not to happy with the picture she got.  

Monday Blaiden went to school and Fred went to work.  I took my family out to do a little shopping.  Thad, Hadley and my mom then went and ate at Panda Express, a favorite of theirs, while my dad and I went and got Blaiden from school.  That night we went out to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Fred was on call and had to leave in the middle of dinner.  Blaiden and Hadley were being a little wild by the end and so Thad and I took all the kids home. My parents made an ice cream stop before they got home. 

They had rented a car and I was pretty happy about that when Tuesday morning came.  They had to leave our house around 5 to get to the airport.  I was sad to see them all go home, we had such a good time during their visit.  Adilene's numbers were a little low during their stay and so there were times people had to wear masks but it all worked out in the end and she didn't get sick.  I can't wait for their next visit, and Blaiden can't wait either!

Other then this picture and the ones from Blaiden's birthday party I didn't take any pictures.  I have really been slacking on that lately and need to get back on track.

February 1, 2016

Super Hero Party

I think it is pretty obvious that we would have a superhero party for Blaiden this year.  It is all he wants to talk about, play, watch, everything.  Fred and I knew this and so we had gotten a few decorations we had found at yard sales or on sale. We only had to get a few things the week of the party. I think it turned out great.  Our entire living/dining area were turned into a city.  The majority of decorations were Spiderman because that is Blaiden's favorite. 


The party was really fun.  My family was in town and so we had help with the set up and clean up which is always appreciated.  We only had 3 other families come because we asked anyone that was feeling a little sick to stay home because of Adilene.  I don't think that Blaiden minded because all the kids played great together.  Fred and I talked after the party and we thought that it was about the perfect size.  Blaiden wanted it to be a costume party and so we told everyone coming that they were welcome to dress up.  Blaiden had said he was going to be Spiderman for weeks but on the actual party day he wanted to just wear a new Captain America shirt.  I think that Fred was the best because he was in an actual Captain America costume. 

The kids got to make masks and capes (thank you pinterest)! The cake and ice cream were delicious and Blaiden got a ton of great gifts.  A lot of the family had mailed gifts to him so he had plenty to open and he also had a few late Christmas gifts to open. 

I think he had a great time and he is so exited to be 4!