February 16, 2016

Family in Town

It seems like I have forgotten about this little blog for the last 2 weeks.  Time to get caught up again.

Before everything that happened with Adilene my parents, older brother, younger brother and his family were all planning on coming out for Blaiden's birthday.  My younger brother, his wife, and their youngest daughter stayed home so they wouldn't get Adilene sick but they sent their oldest daughter, Blaiden's best friend Hadley, along with my parents and older brother. 

They were here for about 5 days and it was a great time.  The first night Blaiden and Hadley stayed up eating candy and watching the ipad until about 1 am.  G-Ma was supposed to be in charge of the kids but in the end Blaiden came to our bed when he was finally ready to go to bed. 

The playing just continued the entire trip and by the end Blaiden was exhausted, it took 2 days to get him back on track after they left.

Saturday we had Blaiden's birthday party and that was so much fun and I loved having all the help.  Sunday was the bronco game and so that was the focus of the day.  Hadley had brought a Tom Brady jersey but she said she wanted to be like Blaiden and cheer for the Broncos.  Her mom was not to happy with the picture she got.  

Monday Blaiden went to school and Fred went to work.  I took my family out to do a little shopping.  Thad, Hadley and my mom then went and ate at Panda Express, a favorite of theirs, while my dad and I went and got Blaiden from school.  That night we went out to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Fred was on call and had to leave in the middle of dinner.  Blaiden and Hadley were being a little wild by the end and so Thad and I took all the kids home. My parents made an ice cream stop before they got home. 

They had rented a car and I was pretty happy about that when Tuesday morning came.  They had to leave our house around 5 to get to the airport.  I was sad to see them all go home, we had such a good time during their visit.  Adilene's numbers were a little low during their stay and so there were times people had to wear masks but it all worked out in the end and she didn't get sick.  I can't wait for their next visit, and Blaiden can't wait either!

Other then this picture and the ones from Blaiden's birthday party I didn't take any pictures.  I have really been slacking on that lately and need to get back on track.

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