February 1, 2016

Super Hero Party

I think it is pretty obvious that we would have a superhero party for Blaiden this year.  It is all he wants to talk about, play, watch, everything.  Fred and I knew this and so we had gotten a few decorations we had found at yard sales or on sale. We only had to get a few things the week of the party. I think it turned out great.  Our entire living/dining area were turned into a city.  The majority of decorations were Spiderman because that is Blaiden's favorite. 


The party was really fun.  My family was in town and so we had help with the set up and clean up which is always appreciated.  We only had 3 other families come because we asked anyone that was feeling a little sick to stay home because of Adilene.  I don't think that Blaiden minded because all the kids played great together.  Fred and I talked after the party and we thought that it was about the perfect size.  Blaiden wanted it to be a costume party and so we told everyone coming that they were welcome to dress up.  Blaiden had said he was going to be Spiderman for weeks but on the actual party day he wanted to just wear a new Captain America shirt.  I think that Fred was the best because he was in an actual Captain America costume. 

The kids got to make masks and capes (thank you pinterest)! The cake and ice cream were delicious and Blaiden got a ton of great gifts.  A lot of the family had mailed gifts to him so he had plenty to open and he also had a few late Christmas gifts to open. 

I think he had a great time and he is so exited to be 4!


  1. Nice to hear you've a got a bulk of gifts and sweets! The families who joined your celebrating the Christmas should have been priceless for you:)