January 26, 2016

Blaiden is 4!

My Appearance: I am now 42 inches tall and weigh 36 pounds.  I am very tall for my age and when people ask how old I am they say I look so much bigger.  I agree and say "I know I'm so big."  I am in size 5T clothes and size 10 shoes.  My eyes are bright blue and I get a lot of complements on them.  My hair always looks messy because I wear my Spiderman mask all the time and it makes the back stand up.  I have a little round belly but other then that I am just tall and thin.  There are always several bruises on my body at any time.

Milestones: This year I got to go to school!  I love it!!!  I only go 2 mornings a week but wish I could go more.  I am learning so much, I know how to spell my name and I am working on writing it.  I know all my letters and can even spell small words like "mom" or "dad."  My favorite part of school is going outside and playing.  Mom got her first call from the school about 2 months into the school year because I fell and hit my head.  It gave me a huge bump on my eye and I had a black eye for about 2 weeks. I also had to go to the dentist and get 9 cavities fixed!  Mom and Dad were a little surprised I had that many, but they are fixed now and I am trying to not get any more. 

Daily Routine: I usually get up around 7 in the mornings.  I love to bring my football blanket out to the couch and snuggle up with my milk and watch a tv show like PJ Masks or Mickey Mouse.  Once the show is over I am ready to eat some breakfast and start playing.  I usually eat a smoothie for breakfast and I always make sure Mom puts in an avocado in it because that makes them so good.  Depending on the day I either get ready and go to school or just stay home and play.  I love to be wild and hit things. I am always pretending that I am a superhero trying to defeate a bad guy.  After Adilene goes to bed I get to bring out my big boy toys and like to put puzzles together, build legos, or play with play doh. 

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  1. It seems like he not only works on writing his name correctly, but also on numbers' writing. Nice boy, let he grow obedient and healthy!