January 19, 2016


Christmas this year happened on January 9th.  We had tried to keep the excitement up with Blaiden and talked about Santa a lot, read Christmas stories every night, and put new gifts under the tree every day so that he would keep his excitement up.  It is a good thing he is only 3 and didn't notice that we had Christmas a few weeks late.

The kids got to open new Christmas eve pajamas and it took some convincing but Blaiden finally decided to wear them even though they were not Spiderman pajamas.  Christmas morning was so much fun.  Adilene was feeling pretty good but she was not really into opening things.  Good thing she has a wonderful brother who didn't mind helping her at all!  Blaiden loved everything he got, well except the clothes probably.  Adilene got some great toys and some much needed clothes, I think she has grown a size just from her birthday.  We ate a good breakfast and played with all our new things, then ate a wonderful Christmas dinner.    

It was a pretty nice day so Fred actually took down all but one strand of lights outside (it needs to dry out a little before he can climb on the roof).  The next day I took down the tree and all the decorations inside and just like that Christmas is over.  I am so happy we waited until we got home to celebrate.  Now it's time to start working on Blaiden's birthday!

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