January 18, 2016

Sorta Christmas

This year we decided we didn't want to spend Christmas in the hospital and there is no way I could get everything together so we are postponing it until we get home.  We did end up celebrating a little bit on the actual holiday.

Christmas eve was the day that Santa came to the hospital.  Blaiden and my parents had only gotten here late the night before but they all woke up early to come and watch Santa land in the helicopter right outside the hospital.  Then they came back to Adilene's room and waited for him to come around and visit.  When Santa and Mrs. Clause got to Adilene's room they brought in 2 huge bags, one for each of the kids.  Fred, Blaiden, and I took a picture with Santa and Mrs. Clause, Adilene was hooked up to her IV and was in no mood to get up.  When Santa left Blaiden was so excited he just dove in his bag and started opening things.  That night Fred, Blaiden, and my dad went back to the house and my mom stayed with me at the hospital. 

Christmas morning When everyone was here we decided to let the kids open the gifts that we had at the hospital.  Adilene was given a 3 foot tree so underneath we had donations from the hospital and gifts from a few friends. They had a great time opening presents.  Adilene was feeling a little better and participated a little.  Once that was done we just hung out for a while then I took Blaiden and my parents home so everyone could get a nap.  We went back up to the hospital that night and just spent time together as a family.  It was actually a very enjoyable Christmas spent with the people we love the most. 

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