December 29, 2015

Last Year's Goals

This is the post that I write to see how well I did on my goals throughout the year 2015.  It was about 50% this year which is a little disappointing considering I only had 4. 

1) Make a new decoration for every holiday this year.
           --This was almost a complete fail.  I bought 3 huge 4x4 posts with great intentions but I was only able to get 4th of July ones made. 

2) Run another 1/2 marathon.  My goal time is under 2 hours!
            -- I actually ran 2 this year.  The first was in April and my time was no where close to me goal.  The 2nd was in September and my time was 2 hours 7 minutes.  I was disappointed that I didn't make it under 2 hours but it was still a personal record.

3) Call an extended family member every week. 
           -- I think I have to consider this one a fail also.  I did talk to family members more this year but it was more like once a month then once week.

4) Get the attic organized and the guest room put together. 
            -- This goal was shifted a little around April.  We decided to start work on the kitchen rather then the attic.  We still have a few things to do in the kitchen but I think we did great this year considering we have done all the work ourselves (and by that I mean Fred).   

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