December 19, 2015

Adilene's Diagnosis

I will start this story back at the very beginning.  While we were in Colorado Adilene started getting a few little red spots on her arms and legs.  I asked Fred about it and he talked to our friend Andy who is our go to doctor any time we have a question.  Neither were very concerned and so we just kept an eye on it. 

On Thanksgiving day Adilene was playing on some stairs.  Fred was sitting right beside her, she turned around and missed a step, Fred was right there to catch her but after that she stopped walking.  Fred checked her all out and her joints seemed fine.  He just assumed that she had a small hairline fracture and it would heal on its own or we could wait and get an x-ray when we got home if she hadn't started walking again yet. 

A week later The day the kids and I were getting ready to head to Denver to come back home.  Adilene woke up and her rash had gotten worse and you could tell she just didn't feel good.  I talked with Fred and we were just going to wait until we got home.  Around 2pm my parents came home and we all loaded up to head to Denver.  Adilene has just woken up from a nap and still didn't look like she felt good.  We started our drive but I was talking to 3 different doctors trying to see if they knew what could be going on.  Finally when we were getting into springs we decided to go to the ER just to get her checked out and run some tests.  They ran a few things and did some blood work but her CBC clotted so we didn't get those results.  We left with a diagnosis of HSP and were told to follow up with her doctor on Monday. 

We flew home on Saturday and she seemed to be doing a little better.  On Sunday she didn't feel very good again and by early Sunday evening we knew we needed to go to the ER again and so we came up to Children's Hospital.  The first thing they got was a CBC and just by the numbers alone they told us that she had Leukemia. 

It was a hard night and they had to work on our sweet baby girl for a long time once they got her up to the PICU.  They finally got her to a stable point but she was on a ventilator and receiving a blood transfusion. 

We have been in the PICU for 13 days now and Adilene got off the vent on day 10.  She is doing much better and we have hopes to be out of the PICU on day 16.

She has already started chemo and we will be inpatient for the first 28 days (currently on day 12). 

Here is the link to her CaringBridge page once again. We will update it from time to time along with the blog.

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