December 17, 2015

Adilene's Birthday Party

Adilene's birthday was actually on her birthday this year.  I had so much fun decorating for this party and I think that it was my best one yet, looks like I will have to step it up for Blaiden's.  I have so much fun throwing parties even if the week of I ask myself why do I go so crazy with all the decorations.

For Adilene's 2nd birthday we decided to have a jungle themed party.  Adilene loves animals and so I started looking for ideas and thought that this theme looked so cute I couldn't help myself from using it. 

The party went great even if the cookies and cake didn't turn out the best.  Other then Adilene not wanting to blow out the candles (she now blows on anything you say is hot) and being a little shy in the beginning I think she had a great time.  While I was busy cutting up the cake Adilene snuck over to her gifts and just started opening them.  Everyone thought that it was so adorable!  She received so many wonderful gifts and she seriously plays with them all!   A couple that she and Blaiden both enjoy is having a picnic with a basket she got under a Hello Kitty tent.  They will play with that for a very long time climbing in and out and giggling. 

 The kids could not be interrupted to get their picture taken so this is the best I could get of them. 

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