December 19, 2015

Blaiden the Truck Driver

We decided since Fred and I both wanted to be in the hospital with Adilene while we figured everything out we would send Blaiden back to Colorado to get spoiled.  We had to wait a few days and had some wonderful friends watch Blaiden for a couple nights.  My brother Thad came to get him in his Semi-truck.  Blaiden was so excited to go ride in the big truck and even though we knew it would be hard for him to make it the 23 hours home he was ready to become a trucker.

It took about 2 1/2 days for them to get home and I think Blaiden loved every minute of it.  Thad had a good time too, although he said Blaiden is kind of hard to sleep with.  On their second night Thad offered to get a hotel where they could go swimming but Blaiden said "no Thad we have to sleep in the truck!"  That is how much he loved it!

I have been getting pictures from his time in Colorado and he has defiantly had a good time.  He is being passed around between all the grandparents and my brothers.  For about the first week I would try and talk to him on the phone and he wouldn't even have time to talk to me.  Now he is getting a little better and wants to call me but he still tells me he will be home in 4 and 4 weeks. 

 Fred and I can not wait to have him back with us!

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