December 17, 2015

Blaiden the Superhero

I am not exactly sure when Blaiden started loving superhero's but it has become an obsession.  He loves Spiderman the most but the Avengers, Batman, Ninja Turtles, and Superman are all included.  It has been going on for at least 6 months if not more and so I just wanted to share some pictures of our little superhero. 

It is so fun to see his imagination at work.  We play all the time pretending that I am the bad guy.  Blaiden gets totally in character and says his name is Spiderman and I am not his mommy I'm only Blaiden's mommy.  A lot of the time "Blaiden" is one of his stuffed mickey mouse toys and I have captured him then Spiderman has to come and save him.  It turns into an even more fun game when we can play outside and I actually capture Adilene.  Blaiden chases after me all the while Adilene is laughing because I am running with her in my arms. 

We have a good time!

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