December 14, 2015

Date Night

While Fred's dad was in town way back in the end of October Fred and I got to go out on a special date. We have decided to take turns and plan a monthly date that the other person will really enjoy.  This was our first month and Fred was planning it.  It was extra nice because we didn't have to find a babysitter with Ukki and Tonka in town.  We got dressed up and went out to eat a great dinner then walked a few blocks to a Ballet they have in Akron.  This was my first time going to the Ballet even though I have loved it since I danced as a little girl.  Fred does listen sometimes :). 

We both actually had a great time!  Fred even said that he liked the Ballet.  We ended the night walking back to the car on a little path through a park (just like in the movies).  I would have to say that I was very impressed with the date and had a wonderful time.  I think I have a pretty amazing husband!

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