November 17, 2017


This summer we were stuck in the house way more then any of us wanted to be.  I am not the type of person that needs to have something to do all the time but that is defiantly in Blaiden's personality and Adilene will just follow Blaiden around wherever he goes.  One day Blaiden made a simple comment about we hadn't even stepped outside that day.  He didn't say it mean he was just talking about our day but it made me feel horrible.  With Adilene getting sick it had impacted our whole family and at times I feel very sorry for Blaiden.  He hasn't had the childhood I had expected for him and he is old enough to notice it now.  He has spent far to many nights in a hospital room, he has been told no several times to many different things because Adilene can't do them, and he has had to make sacrifices that aren't really fair for a 5 year old. 

Fred and I were talking one night after the kids went to bed and he brought up many of the things that I was thinking.  We both felt bad about the way summer was going and with Kallie being born things were going to be even harder, so at that point we made a conscious effort to do a few things just for Blaiden. 

We signed him up for swim lessons, which he loved.  He loves anything really, if it is an activity scheduled out of the house he loves it.  Fred took him fishing, and to a few movies.  We also had to take a few shopping trips just for him before school started.  It has been a little harder since Kallie got here but Fred and I have both made an effort to have things that are only about him.  He played is 3rd season of soccer and went to a wrestling camp.  I think doing things just for him has been great.  We try and only have one thing going on at a time so we still have time as a family. He has loved every second of it.


August seemed like a very busy month, we had a lot to do and several big events to go to but that made it all the more fun.  First I took all 3 kids to the practice round of the Bridgestone golf tournament.  I was worried to have all 3 out for a large part of the day but there was a walk to benefit  the oncology department of the hospital and they had invited Adilene to be apart of it.  The kids did great and Adilene walked for most of mile!  I also had plenty of offers to help out which I defiantly needed like the police officer who picked up our tickets so I wouldn't have to walk half a mile with the kids, and sweet lady who pushed the stroller while I helped Adilene during the walk.  I was happy we went out and supported the hospital.

That same weekend Fred and I got tickets to go to the Hall of Fame gold jacket ceremony.  We had a friend come over to watch the kids and got to go see tons of hall of famers, eat a great dinner, and Fred got to see Terrell Davis up close.  It was such a fun night and I am so happy we didn't pass up on the tickets.

The oncology department had it kickoff celebration where they have games in the park and then we all walk out on the field at a baseball game.  I love these events so much, it is such a great way to bring awareness to childhood cancer and raise money all while showing the families going through this love and support.  The kids had a great time, somehow Adilene became best friends with the mascot and they walked hand in hand the entire way.  We used most of our energy up at the park so we only made it 2 innings in the game before the kids wanted to leave but it was a great night. 

Just to squeeze in one more weekend of fun we went to a hamburger festival.  Fred and I enjoyed the food and the kids had little games they could play.  After we were done there we went and played mini golf.  Blaiden has been wanting to do this for a while now and so we finally went.  It was fun but Adilene wasn't interested in playing at all.  She found some water and that is about all she wanted to play in.  Kallie was along for the ride and sat in the stroller or the wrap the whole time.  She is such a good baby she hardly ever fusses. 

Probably the most exciting thing for Blaiden was the solar eclipse that happened.  He loves everything about space and so I was sure to get some glasses before they all sold out.  He watched tons of videos about it and he knows more then I do about space.  He was a little sad we were out of the totality but he enjoyed the experience.

The last big even of the month was that school started!  Blaiden is in Kindergarten this year and I can hardly believe it.  He was so excited and only a little nervous.  He has a few kids from his preschool in his class which has made the transition much easier.  Adilene is in the same preschool class that she was in last year but is now going 5 mornings a week.  She couldn't go back to school when it started because her counts were to low but she is very excited about going back.

November 16, 2017

Kallie 2 Months Old

Two Months Old

My Appearance:  I am 22 inches long and 9 pounds 1 ounces today.  My hair is growing every day, but it still isn’t very long.  It looks a little more like a light brown.  I still have that dimple when I smile, and my mom says she hopes I never lose it, so I guess it is pretty cute.  I am growing but I am still in newborn clothes and diapers, but the clothes are getting a little tight, so it won’t be long before I need bigger clothes.  My finger and toes are so long, and I am still long and skinny.  My cheeks are filling out a little bit now that I am gaining weight.  A comment that I get all the time is that I look so much like Blaiden.  I hear that from everyone that sees me who also saw Blaiden as a baby, so I guess we look a lot alike. 

Milestones:  One of the most exciting things that I did for the first time this month is smile!  I get a lot of reactions from this, so I like to so it all the time.  I am getting better with my head control and staying awake and alert more.  I am really getting to know my family and love when each of them come and talk to me. 

Daily Routine:  I am eating every 3 hours now but I am having a hard time nursing and so feedings are taking a long time.  The whole process of my trying to nurse and then getting a bottle lasts about an hour.  I think mommy and I are both ready for this to take less time but I am not ready to just nurse all the time.  When I am awake I like to hear Blaiden talk to me and tell me about how all his toys work.  I also love it when Adilene comes and lays by me when I am on the floor.  She always wants to hold my hand and loves to give me kisses.  I also love spending time with daddy.  He is always making me work on tummy time.  Another thing I love doing is going on walks during the day.  Mom puts me in a wrap on her chest and most of the time I fall asleep, but I love being outdoors!

Special Events:  I got to meet my uncle Phillip and aunt Felicia this month.  I was so fun to have more visitors at our house.  I also spent time with my first baby sitter.  It was one of mom’s friends and I was very good for her.  I went to my first baseball game this month to help celebrate Adilene which I had a great time.  I also went to a hamburger festival with my family.  I didn’t get to eat anything but they sure seemed to enjoy it. 

November 15, 2017

Kallie is 1 Month Old!

One Month Old

My Appearance:  I am 22 inches long and 9 pounds 1 ounces today.  I have short hair that looks like a blonde to light brown.  My eyes are a very dark blue and so pretty, that’s what everyone says anyway.  I look very long but I still fit in newborn clothes and diapers.  I guess because I look so long people expect me to weigh more but are surprised at my weight when I get on the scale because I don’t weigh as much as they think. I have very long fingers and toes.  My feet look just like mommy’s and daddy says my double chin is just like mommy’s too!  I am very alert when I am awake and so my eyes are always wide open.  I also have a small dimple on my left cheek that I get compliments on all the time, I guess it’s pretty cute! I have 2 small and faint birth marks one is under my left eyebrow and the other is on my left armpit.  They are very light and will probably disappear when I am older. 

Milestones:  Everything I did this month was a first for me.  I got to meet my G-Ma, and Ukki and Tonka.  I took my first bath and really loved it.  I also love the lotion massage I get when I get out.  I went to the doctor several times and had to get poked to check my Bili level.  The best thing I did this month is getting to meet my mom, dad, brother, and sister.  Mom says I just fell into place here and it’s like everyone knew I was perfect for this family.

Daily Routine:  I eat every 2 hours and each feeding lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  This is what most of my day consists of so I get to spend a lot of time with Mommy.  I also have plenty of dirty diapers that need to be changed and I don’t like to sit in them so I let Mommy and Daddy know when I need changed.  During the night I still eat every 2 hours but there are sometimes when I let Mommy sleep and skip one feeding for 4 hours.  I get plenty of kisses and hugs from Blaiden and Adilene.  Blaiden loves to tell me stories and show me pictures of what he has drawn.  Adilene loves to make sure that I always have a blanket. 

Special Events:  The major event this month was my birth!  Other than the visitors I didn’t do a ton of things this month.  I did however celebrate my first 4th of July.  I got to go to a parade.  I slept through most of it so it wasn’t that exciting, but it was exciting to go out of the house.  I loved meeting some of my grandparents!


At the beginning of the month we were still adjusting becoming a family of 5. Our first big outing together was going to the 4th of July parade.  The older kids had a great time.  Blaiden ran all over trying to collect as much candy as he could and Adilene was content sitting in her chair eating a sucker watching the parade go by.  Kallie slept the entire time and was a perfect little baby.  My aunt had sent 4th of July clothes for all 3 kids and I was so grateful because they all looked so cute and if it was left up to me they wouldn't have matched for the holiday. 

Fred's brother and his wife came to visit and meet Kallie in the middle of the month.  It was so nice to have them here.  I was very lucky and had tons of help for about the first 6 weeks after Kallie was born.  I was not expecting this because we don't have family that lives close by but I was very thankful for the help.  While they were here they and brought some crafts and games for the older kids and then they had a water fight.  They spent time fighting Blaiden, reading to Adilene, holding Kallie, and building forts!  The kids loved having more people to play with and plenty of things to do.  Blaiden especially enjoyed when we all went out for ice cream. 

Anytime we could, we were outside and playing in the water.  We have a slip-n-slide we got last year and the kids loved playing on it.  One day that was particularly fun I had gotten Blaiden and Adilene all ready to go out and play in the water and by the time we got everything set up it started to rain.  I hid at the door holding Kallie and just let the kids play in the water while it was raining.  Blaiden said it was the best day ever and the rain made the slip-n-slide even more slippery.  Adilene had a blast too!  It was a great afternoon and anytime it rained we tried to hurry outside to play again.

To end the month Adilene helped out with Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen.  It was so fun to help out and encourage people to donate to our local children's hospital.  I also had a birthday and Fred was sure to spoil me.  With the help of my mom, her and Fred worked together to make it a very wonderful birthday.