January 18, 2018

Kallie 6 Months

Six Months Old

My AppearanceI am 26.75 inches long and 14 pounds 12 ounces today I fit really well into 6 month clothes and even wear a few 9 month clothes.  I am getting really long, but I am also skinny.  My cheeks are deceiving and make people think I have fat all over but that is about the only place I have extra fat.  The rest of my body is long and lean.  My fingers are very long but my toes don’t look that long.  If it wasn’t for my diaper then I couldn’t keep my diaper up, I have no bottom at all. 

Milestones:  After rolling over last month I decided I wasn’t ready for that and quite doing it.  I did work on tummy time more and am defiantly getting stronger and don’t mind it as much.  Other then that I didn’t really try and do a lot this month.

Daily Routine:  My days just keep on going by.  I wake up at 8, sometimes a little earlier.  Eat, sleep, and play all day and then head to bed between 7-8.  I am still having a hard time sleeping in the nights.  I only eat once but I wake up a couple times when I can’t find my binky.  I also get a little upset when I get out of my swaddle.  Mom has tried to let my sleep unswaddled but I did not like that at all.  I also like to scream very loud when I need anything even if it is just some attention. 

Special Events: This was a big month for me! I got to go on my first plane rides and did great.  I went to Colorado for the first time and I got to meet a lot of my family for the first time.  I went to places all around Colorado and such a good baby for most of the trip (minus sleeping).  I had a great time meeting my grandma, great grandmas, and even my great great grandma.  I met my other 3 uncles and a ton of cousins.  It was a great trip and I made sure to show off my smile to everyone. 


January 17, 2018

Kallie 5 months

Five Months Old

My Appearance:  I am 25.75 inches long and 14 pounds 4 ounces today.  I have grown into size 2 diapers and 6-month clothes.  My hair is getting longer but I still have a bald spot on the back of my head.  The hair on the top of my head has a few strands that are longer then others and so mom makes sure to keep it combed.  My cheeks are round and adorable, and my dimple is still there.  My fingers are looking long and I can use them to grab onto anything now. 

Milestones:  This month a big thing I did was roll over.  I did it 3 times in a row and then haven’t done it again since then.  Mom and Dad were both home to see me do it, they were so excited.  I am getting stronger, but I am going at my own pace and I am in no hurry.  Mom says she is okay with me taking my time growing up. I am also learning that I have a voice and try to make different noises.  I only have one volume right now and it is loud. 

Daily Routine:  My routine is about the same as last month.  One thing that has changed is I am having a hard time sleeping and wake up a lot more.  This makes me want to sleep in, but mom always makes me get up at 8 so I can eat before we take Blaiden and Adilene to school.  I am liking a lot more of my toys and love to play.  I also love it when Blaiden or Adilene play with me or try to make me laugh.  I don’t like to be alone and when I am I will squeal, scream, or cry. 

Special Events: This month I celebrated my first Halloween.  I was a candy corn this year.  I didn’t really enjoy it much, it was cold!  I stayed with Dad following Blaiden while Mom ran around with Adilene.  Dad kept me warm, so I took a nap for most of the time.  I got to go to Blaiden’s and Adilene’s school and party with them a little, I had fun watching them play.  The last special thing that happened this month is I got to celebrate Adilene’s 4th birthday.  The party was fun, and I liked watching all the kids run around and play.

Adilene 4 years Old

4 Years Old

My Appearance:  I have grown a ton in the past year.  I now weigh 34 pounds and am 35.25 inches tall.  I am in size 4T clothes but this makes my shirt sleeves a little long.  I am in size 6 shoe.  My hair is down past my shoulders and it is very blonde.  I love to do my hair and I even let mommy braid it sometimes.  I am wearing glasses and I will keep them on when I am around mom and dad but then I sneak off to my room to take them off.  My eyes are still blue just like daddy.  Even though I have grown taller I still have a round belly.  It much be cute because that is where mom and dad like to tickle me.  I love shoes but I only like to wear shoes that are comfortable and refuse to walk if I don’t like the shoes. 

Milestones:  I have learned so much this past year.  I started going to preschool and love it so much.  I have no problem telling mom goodbye in the mornings.  I also just started riding the bus home from school and love it, although sometimes I fall asleep.  I have learned several new signs and can communicate almost anything I want with sounds and signs.  I can also say a few words: no, yeah, bye, and book are some of my favorites.    

Daily Routine:  I like to wake up early.  I learned this from Blaiden, but I am usually awake before 7.  If I hear any noise I want to know what is going on and will not go back to sleep.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I love when mom cooks bacon, but I love sausage or oatmeal just as much.  Then I go right to playing.  Right now, I love to play tea party, picnic, cooking in the kitchen, or with my baby dolls.  I also have a little car I love to drive around.  I go to school in the mornings and I get to ride the bus home!  I had to talk mom into this one, but I am so happy she let me.  When I get home I sometimes take a nap, I want to be done with naps, so I fight it most days.  Then I get to play with mom and Kallie.  I love making Kallie laugh and will try almost anything to make her smile at me.  Blaiden gets home and he joins in the fun.  We usually have races from the door to the kitchen and laugh the entire time.  I love to copy him, mom calls me his little shadow.  Then it’s bedtime, I moved into a big girl bed, so I can get in and out myself and love the freedom.  I sleep through the night and am ready to do it all again the next day.

Special Events:  I almost had to celebrate Christmas in the hospital again but got out on Christmas Eve.  I did spend New Year’s in the hospital with mom and Blaiden and I made sure to stay up and give mom a kiss at midnight.  I got to go to Colorado and visit everyone in March, I love going and playing with all my cousins. I got sick right after we got back and had to stay in the hospital for almost 2 weeks.  I had a few more stays in the spring but most were only a couple days.  Then in June I became a big sister!  From the moment I saw Kallie I fell in love.  I love to play with her as much as possible.  A lot of people came to visit us and I love having extra people here that would go wherever I wanted to take them.  I hold my hand out and say “hand” then usually take them to my room to read a book or play with my babies.  I am with my same teachers in school I had last year.  I get so excited every day we drive up to my school building.     

December 14, 2017

Family update

Blaiden- He turned 5 in January and had a cowboy party.  He is still loving dressing up as a cowboy and recently got a new pair of boots but he doesn't do this everyday like before.  This year he played 2 soccer seasons, a wrestling camp and tournament, and swim lessons.  In August he started Kindergarten and loves going to school.  He has learned so much in the first half of the year.  Math is his favorite but he loves reading and writing too.  A major interest this year has been outer space.  He loves watching youtube videos about the solar system and he knows more then I do about the planets.  The solar eclipse this summer was very exciting for him.

Adilene-  Adilene turned 4 in November and had a Moana party.  She is so fun to be around and is really developing her personality.  She likes to joke with you and play tricks.  She is a real goof ball and loves to make you laugh.  She is in preschool this year with her same teacher she had last year and love school so much.  She also loves to ride the bus home in the afternoon, it might be her favorite part of the day.  She is progressing very well in her treatment.  She should be done in March and so we have the count down going.  She is feeling so much better these days and this year she has only stayed in the hospital about 6 times totaling around 25 days which is much better then the year before. 

Kallie-  She is 6 months old now.  She has fit into our family perfectly.  I am so happy to have another little one around and the older kids just adore her.  Fred is great at putting her to sleep and he does that most nights.  She is a very easy going baby and is just now starting to find her voice to let us know if we are not paying attention to her.  We all love her very much. 

Fred-  He is in his last year of residency and will finish up in June.  After that he will be doing a year long fellowship in orthopedic trauma.   He has gotten to travel quite a bit this year going to different trainings including to Memphis twice and Chicago.  He went to a few Broncos games this year which he loves. 

Jessi-  This year has been a busy one.  The first half of the year I was pregnant but feeling great.  I did a lot of small projects in the house then once it got warmer the kids and I spent as much time outside as we could.  After I had Kallie things got much busier and the summer seemed to disappear quickly.  I stay busy during the school year with the kids in different schools but I also get a few hours a day with just Kallie which had been nice.  I am excited for the year to come!

December 13, 2017

Family Pictures 2

While we were in Colorado my mom wanted to take some family pictures because it had been 3 years since we had last taken pictures with my whole side.  It was a perfect day for pictures. 

Family Pictures 1

We took family pictures in September for our Christmas card.  I tried to put as many as I could on there but I thought I would share them on here along with some others that didn't fit on the card.

I loved how they turned out this year.  We didn't get all the combinations we wanted with the kids because it started to get to cold and the kids were over taking pictures but I am very happy with what we got.  I love my family!

December 12, 2017


November was a month that seemed twice as long as it actually was but not in a bad way.  It was both vey busy but also very relaxing.  The first half of the month was pretty normal.  The kids had school everyday and while they were gone I tried to get a lot of Christmas stuff done.  I did some sewing and tried to stay caught up on laundry so we could be ready to pack for our trip to Colorado.  I also spent some time getting ready for Adilene's 4th birthday party. 

Her part this year was Moana.  I didn't go all out like I usually do this year but I think it still looked pretty good.  The party was so much fun.  We had a packed house with a ton of kids and everyone had a great time.  Adilene loved blowing out the candles and opening her gifts. 

Adilene also took treats into her school, I let her choose what to take and she wanted blueberries and marshmallows.  We also had enough cake pops left over from her party that she took those in too.  Her class loved them all and it was so cute watching Adilene as she was the center of attention.  She soaked it up and loved all of her class focusing on her. 

The last part of the month we went to Colorado.  It was our first trip as a family of 5 and I could not have asked the kids to be better.  Traveling went great minus the part where we had to run through the airport in Chicago trig to make sure we didn't miss our connecting flight.  While in Colorado we were able to see tons of family, introduce Kallie to all of our extended families, throw Adilene a second birthday party, and go to a cholate festival in Creede.  The kids spent as much time as possible with their cousins.  Fred, Blaiden, and Fred's brother Casey even fit in a Broncos game.  Blaiden had a great time learning the Bronco cheers. 

It was so good to be back in Colorado as a family.  Fred was able to stay the entire time with us and our trip was about 10 days long.  It was the first time in 2 years that we all got to be there at the same time.