June 23, 2014

My Professinal Selfie Taker

Blaiden has become obsessed with playing with phones.  I don't mind it so I let him play on mine a few times throughout the day.  He knows how to use a lot of the different apps and knows how to get in and out of them.  The camera is one that he is a pro at and these are just a few of the pictures I have on my phone that I thought I should share.

June 22, 2014

7 Months Old

Well it is 2 weeks late but here is the 7 month update for Adilene.

Seven Months Old

My Appearance:  I am now weighing in at 17lbs 5oz and 26.25 inches long.   My head is growing but still not big enough for most of my headbands yet.  My hair is growing and getting pretty long on the top of my head.  My eyes are still a beautiful blue, they are still getting a little lighter but I think they will stay blue.  I am showing off my smile more these days but I don’t have any teeth yet.  I still have all my rolls and my big belly but I am also growing, I have even started wearing some 9 month clothes. 

Milestones:  This month was another month of practice.  I am getting so strong; I am always on my belly so I practice holding my head up a lot.  I like to sit on Mommy and Daddy’s lap.  When I sit with Mommy I bring her hand up to my mouth and make noises with it.  I also like to blow raspberries.  I started to roll over in bed, and even do this at nap time.  At night I don’t roll over until about 3 or 4 in the morning but I like sleeping on my tummy more. 

Daily Routine:  I am so consistent and so my schedule is about the same as it has been.  I eat 5 times during my day and sleep all night.  I am trying to go down to 2 naps some days it works out and others it doesn’t.  I am showing some interest in food and so Mommy says she is going to start feeding me some soon.  I am enjoying spending some time outside and Blaiden loves it too so we go out a lot. 

Special Events:  This month I got to a lot of fun things.  I went out to a cookout at the park.  I went to my first baseball game and got to see fireworks for the first time.  I also got to help Mommy celebrate Mother’s day.  I had so much fun with my family this month and to make it better G-ma got here on my seventh month birthday.  

June 16, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  It started on Friday night with a friends birthday BBQ at a very fun park.  Fred and another husband took the kids that could walk on a hike and were gone for about half an hour.  Blaiden had a blast, then ate some food and cake, and then went to the playground.  We all had a great time but we were the first to leave because it was late and the kids had had enough.

On Saturday we went up to Cleveland to watch the Rockies play the Indians.  We took our time going up to the game, it didn't start until 6 and so we knew that it was going to be a hard night but Blaiden was so excited to be there and he and Adilene both had late naps so we were hopeful that it would be a good night.  We got there some time in the 2nd inning, we got our picture taken a few times and it was $1 hotdog night so we stopped and got a few.  Then we headed to the Kid Zone, we didn't know what this was but a worker told us it was fun.  When we got up there it was pretty packed with kids.  There was an indoor area where the younger kids could play.  Fred and Blaiden hung out there while I went to go feed Adilene. 

Then we made our way out to the outdoor games.  We met up with a friend, his daughter, and mom and let the kids play some more.  Blaiden loved the races but didn't quite understand that it was a race.  He would follow the other kids and would always have to say 1, 2, 3, GO! before he would start running back.  Finally around the bottom of the 5th we made it to our chairs.  By this time Adilene was ready to go to bed as it was around 9 and a good 2 hours past bedtime.  I held her while Fred tried to control Blaiden.  He ate some snacks, cheered at everything, and tried to talk to everyone around us.

In the 7th and 8th innings they shot off a few fireworks.  Blaiden got so excited all he would say after that is BOOM! and raise his hands in the air.  When the game was over we watched a fireworks show and he loved it!  Adilene woke up just in time too and so while I covered her ears she watched as they lit up the sky.

Our family had such an amazing time, Blaiden had so much fun and it is amazing experiencing these outings with him and Adilene is such an awesome baby she is so relaxed and will do anything.  I can't wait to do this again.  However the amount of planning and the amount of bags it took for this trip was a little crazy.

June 14, 2014

Blaiden Goes to the Dentist

Here I am a month behind again.  Last month Blaiden went to the dentist for the first time!  I have been asking his doctor since his 9 month appointment when his first visit should be, from what I read online that is when they were recommending for him to go.  His doctor said wait until he is at least 2.  After going to the dentist it looks like we were about a year behind. 
I was more excited for this then I should have been but I actually like going to the dentist, heck I wanted to be one until I got married.  I wanted it to go great so Blaiden would like going to the dentist too.  Blaiden loves to experience new things and when all the attention is on him he tends to do really good and this was no exception.  It started in the waiting room where a boy around 14 played with him.  They had some pretty cool toys and Blaiden didn't want to leave when they called his name.  When we got back in the exam room he was trilled he got to sit in the big chair.  During his cleaning he got to wear sunglasses and watch cars!  Where was this when I was a child. 

We skipped the fluoride this time but overall his teeth looked great.  When it was time to go pick a treat Blaiden started grabbing one of each thing instead of only one treat.  The dental assistant was nice and said since he did so great he could have a few treats.  I hope now when he goes every 6 months he will behave like he did this first time.

I decided to just take these pictures with my phone.  I didn't really feel like being that crazy mom with the big camera.  ;)