June 14, 2014

Blaiden Goes to the Dentist

Here I am a month behind again.  Last month Blaiden went to the dentist for the first time!  I have been asking his doctor since his 9 month appointment when his first visit should be, from what I read online that is when they were recommending for him to go.  His doctor said wait until he is at least 2.  After going to the dentist it looks like we were about a year behind. 
I was more excited for this then I should have been but I actually like going to the dentist, heck I wanted to be one until I got married.  I wanted it to go great so Blaiden would like going to the dentist too.  Blaiden loves to experience new things and when all the attention is on him he tends to do really good and this was no exception.  It started in the waiting room where a boy around 14 played with him.  They had some pretty cool toys and Blaiden didn't want to leave when they called his name.  When we got back in the exam room he was trilled he got to sit in the big chair.  During his cleaning he got to wear sunglasses and watch cars!  Where was this when I was a child. 

We skipped the fluoride this time but overall his teeth looked great.  When it was time to go pick a treat Blaiden started grabbing one of each thing instead of only one treat.  The dental assistant was nice and said since he did so great he could have a few treats.  I hope now when he goes every 6 months he will behave like he did this first time.

I decided to just take these pictures with my phone.  I didn't really feel like being that crazy mom with the big camera.  ;)

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