August 31, 2015

Butterfly Garden

The end of winter we tried to feed some birds.  It didn't work out very well but the kids had fun anyway.  While we were there we learned that they also have a butterfly garden that is open in the summer.  I thought that this sounded like something the kids would enjoy so we made sure to visit at the end of June.  All of the same attractions were open this time with the addition of the butterflies, the kids had already seen everything and so they were not interested in much else.  There was a tree that had fallen over and they cut it up to make a little play area for the kids.  There was a school on a field trip there so we had to wait for them to finish up before we could go in to see the butterflies.  Blaiden didn't mind this one bit, he was thrilled to get to climb on the tree and show off for all the others to see.  Adilene thought she was pretty big too and tried very hard to climb up onto the tree.  She walked around a lot and loved being outside.

A funny story of the day was that Blaiden had to use the bathroom and the only one around was a port-a-potty.  He had never used one before and so he was very confused by just going in a hole.  Lucky for us it was only #1!

Once we got in with the butterflies it was pretty amazing how many were flying around.  Blaiden even had a few land on a q-tip soaked in sugar water.  Adilene was not very interested in this part of the day but that was probably because I made her stay in the stroller.  I think that we will go back and do this again next year!

August 27, 2015

Father's Day

Father's Day - The day I get to celebrate the guy that gave me my 2 most perfect gifts!  Because of this guy I get to stay home with my kids everyday!  I don't have to worry about supplementing his income because he got a second job for us.  He spoils me, enough said, and our kids adore him!  I could not have asked to be married to a better man!

The kids and I let Fred sleep in because he doesn't get to most days.  The big plan was that Blaiden was going to take Fred to the movies.  Inside Out had came out and Blaiden was sure Fred wanted to go see it so he was set that what they were doing.  They even got to McDonald's for lunch before the movie (all of Blaiden's favorite things, I'm not sure he gets this whole gift giving thing yet).  They had a great time at the movies and while they were there Adilene and I wrapped a few other gifts and made him the lasagna he had requested for dinner.  After dinner Fred got to open his gifts so the kids could "help" him open them.   I think he had a pretty good day.

August 20, 2015

Indians Baseball Game

We thought that it would be fun to take the kids to an Indians game like we did last year.  I always assume that as the kids get older outing like this will get easier, that is not really true.  Now I have 2 kids that want to run around instead of 1 but they do enjoy doing these things more so it is worth it.  When we got there Blaiden forgot his hat so he had (that's what Fred said anyway) to get a new one.  We got in our seats and ate a few dollar hot dogs.  The kids and I then went up to the kids play area where they had remodeled since we had been there and it was so fun.  The kids could run around and play with all sorts of fun toys on 2 different floors.  There was even a slide that went from the upper level to the lower.  We finally got back to our seats some time in the 5th inning.  It was time to eat again, you know because hot dogs were only a dollar, and settle down for a while.  I think that we ended up staying until the top of the 8th before we headed out.  Everyone was tired and the Indians were losing by 6.  It was fun and I am sure this will not be our last baseball game.

August 19, 2015

Graduation Weekend

Every year in June there is one weekend that is so busy I feel like I don't even get to see my kids and that would be graduation weekend.  This year Dean is graduating. Him and Fred are really good friends so he is a little sad to see him leave, but hopefully he will be back in a year.  Friday night we have the Ortho roast which is filled with laughter and everyone making fun of everyone.  It is so fun because there are only a few times a year when all the residents and their wives are all together.  We all have so much fun together I am not sure why us wives don't get together more often.  It's also always fun to get a little fancy and have adult conversations all night.

Saturday night is the actual graduation for all the programs.  There is a big dinner, the graduating residents families are  invited, and then the residents give speeches.  It is also a fun night because we all get together again.  I enjoy these nights because I really do love seeing people from the other programs and have made some really great friends.  It was a fun night and I loved my dress and getting to be fancy for a second time that weekend! 

August 18, 2015

Zoo Trip

I have finally moved onto June, it's a miracle!  I am hoping to get all caught up in the next few weeks so be ready for post overload.

I am not sure how we scored tickets to this event but it was amazing.  Early in May I received an invitation to "Dream Night at the Akron Zoo" sponsored by Children's hospital.  I immediately sent in our RSVP the only bad part is that Fred was on call that weekend at Children's and so he wouldn't be able to go with us.  We were still recovering from our 20 day vacation to Colorado but I loaded up the kids even though we would have normally been settling down and getting ready for bed.  I wasn't really sure what we had signed up for but it turned out to be a private event after the Zoo closed.  There was a drum line at the entrance and we stayed and listened to them for quite a while.  There was also a helicopter, fire truck, and ambulance in the parking lot that we got to explore.

Inside we got to explore the entire zoo.  The kids had a wonderful time, we rode the carousel, watched the bats eat, and build a bird feeder.  One of the best parts of the night was when Blaiden spotted Spiderman!  He was standing in line to meet Batman which he was excited for but then he noticed Spiderman walking close by.  He started jumping up and down yelling "Mom look!"  We made sure that we got a picture with him.

Adilene had a wonderful time, that little girl loves animals! We didn't make it through the entire zoo before we had to leave because the kids were exhausted but I am so happy we went.  I hope we get invited again next year!