August 19, 2015

Graduation Weekend

Every year in June there is one weekend that is so busy I feel like I don't even get to see my kids and that would be graduation weekend.  This year Dean is graduating. Him and Fred are really good friends so he is a little sad to see him leave, but hopefully he will be back in a year.  Friday night we have the Ortho roast which is filled with laughter and everyone making fun of everyone.  It is so fun because there are only a few times a year when all the residents and their wives are all together.  We all have so much fun together I am not sure why us wives don't get together more often.  It's also always fun to get a little fancy and have adult conversations all night.

Saturday night is the actual graduation for all the programs.  There is a big dinner, the graduating residents families are  invited, and then the residents give speeches.  It is also a fun night because we all get together again.  I enjoy these nights because I really do love seeing people from the other programs and have made some really great friends.  It was a fun night and I loved my dress and getting to be fancy for a second time that weekend! 

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