August 20, 2015

Indians Baseball Game

We thought that it would be fun to take the kids to an Indians game like we did last year.  I always assume that as the kids get older outing like this will get easier, that is not really true.  Now I have 2 kids that want to run around instead of 1 but they do enjoy doing these things more so it is worth it.  When we got there Blaiden forgot his hat so he had (that's what Fred said anyway) to get a new one.  We got in our seats and ate a few dollar hot dogs.  The kids and I then went up to the kids play area where they had remodeled since we had been there and it was so fun.  The kids could run around and play with all sorts of fun toys on 2 different floors.  There was even a slide that went from the upper level to the lower.  We finally got back to our seats some time in the 5th inning.  It was time to eat again, you know because hot dogs were only a dollar, and settle down for a while.  I think that we ended up staying until the top of the 8th before we headed out.  Everyone was tired and the Indians were losing by 6.  It was fun and I am sure this will not be our last baseball game.

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