August 31, 2015

Butterfly Garden

The end of winter we tried to feed some birds.  It didn't work out very well but the kids had fun anyway.  While we were there we learned that they also have a butterfly garden that is open in the summer.  I thought that this sounded like something the kids would enjoy so we made sure to visit at the end of June.  All of the same attractions were open this time with the addition of the butterflies, the kids had already seen everything and so they were not interested in much else.  There was a tree that had fallen over and they cut it up to make a little play area for the kids.  There was a school on a field trip there so we had to wait for them to finish up before we could go in to see the butterflies.  Blaiden didn't mind this one bit, he was thrilled to get to climb on the tree and show off for all the others to see.  Adilene thought she was pretty big too and tried very hard to climb up onto the tree.  She walked around a lot and loved being outside.

A funny story of the day was that Blaiden had to use the bathroom and the only one around was a port-a-potty.  He had never used one before and so he was very confused by just going in a hole.  Lucky for us it was only #1!

Once we got in with the butterflies it was pretty amazing how many were flying around.  Blaiden even had a few land on a q-tip soaked in sugar water.  Adilene was not very interested in this part of the day but that was probably because I made her stay in the stroller.  I think that we will go back and do this again next year!

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