September 8, 2015

4th of July

I love the 4th of July, BBQs, parties, parades, and best of all fireworks, it doesn't get much better than that!  This was Fred's holiday to work this year but it turned out to be pretty slow and he didn't have to miss anything.  I had gotten a Groupon for some cheap fireworks and so a few days before the 4th we went to go pick them out.  Blaiden loved this part and could hardly contain himself in the store.  He kept saying "I want that one, I want that one!"  We ended up with 2 packages that were filled with the fountain type, because we thought the kids would enjoy those best.  I also got some sparklers because they are so fun and I wanted to see if Blaiden could handle them this year.

Since we didn't know what we were going to do on the 4th we decided to shoot off our own fireworks on the 2nd.  Adilene couldn't make it until it was dark so she missed out on most of the fireworks this year, she only got to see a few smoke ones which no one was that interested in.  I also planned to have some smore's before our first fireworks.  This was Blaiden's first time eating a smore and WOW he was in heaven!  I think he liked this more than the actual fireworks.  When it was time to set the fireworks off, Blaiden and I went and played on our neighbors trampoline to burn off the last bit of energy he had while Fred got everything ready.  It was so fun playing with him.  We didn't make it through all of our fireworks before it got to late so we did the same thing the next night too.  I got the sparklers out the 2nd night and Blaiden almost ended up in the ER from burning himself, I guess he is not ready for those yet, maybe next year.

On the 4th, Fred was on call, but he actually got to do a lot with us.  That morning we headed to the parade.  The kids had a blast and Blaiden ended up with an entire bag full of candy.  We ran into some people that we knew (side note, when this happens it makes me fell like we should stay here forever).  Adilene was the cutest little girl at the parade and she had a great time, until the end when the fire trucks had the sirens going.

We came home for naps then got our swimming stuff on and headed to a pool party.  The kids had a great time in the water and Blaiden even jumped off the diving board! By the time we finished eating dinner the kids were exhausted and so we came home.  We knew that we had another chance to watch fireworks during the Hall of Fame week so it was an early night for us.

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