September 10, 2015

Family Trip Day-1

Fred took a few days off work in July so we could take a little family trip.  We had found yet another deal on Groupon (I love Groupon) for a hotel/water park in Columbus and thought the kids would love it.  On our way down there I realized I forgot my camera so we had to use our phones the entire trip.  We didn't really have any specific plans but knew we wanted to play at the water park one day and go to the zoo another day.  When we got to the hotel we couldn't check in but the water park was open so we headed right to the water.  Blaiden was thrilled to see this place and was so excited that he ripped his clothes off and ran into the first pool he saw and immediately got yelled at by lifeguard for climbing things he shouldn't.

The water park was awesome because it had several different areas but none of them were more then 1.5 feet deep so we didn't have to use any floaties.  There was a section with little slides and some fountains that was meant for little ones and so Blaiden and Adilene had a good time in there.  Then there was a part that was for a little bit older kids, it was like a large play ground with slides, bridges, stairs, and nets.  There was also this huge bucket that would dump a ton of water about every 5 minutes.  You had to be 40 inches tall to go down the larger slides in this area but Blaiden got to go down twice before they measured him and said he was to small. One of the lifeguards stopped Fred at one point and just said, "That kid of yours isn't scared of anything is he?"  Blaiden was running all over the place that I finally had to just follow him wherever he went.  Not that I minded, I love the water as much as the kids do.  We went down the slides about 100 times it was so fun.

Adilene had just as much fun, I think her favorite part was walking through the deepest part of the kiddie area.  She had never been in water that was that deep and she could still stand before and she loved it.  Another fun thing for her was sitting at the fountains.  Fred was playing with her and she would just stick her entire face in the water!  I also took her down a small slide where she got soaked a few times, she came out laughing every time so I think she was having fun.  It was a good thing we only have 2 kids because we each had to be in charge of one because they were both all over the place.

We left after a few hours and let the kids take a nap in the car while we went to find some lunch.  It was a shorter nap for both of them but they seemed to be in a good mood.  When we got back we could check into our room.  We didn't know what we should do next so Blaiden decided we needed to go back to the water park.  On our way back down we found an arcade so we stopped in and played a few games.  It was really fun, funny story was Fred and I were very confused when we first got there because everything was digital, we kept looking for the tickets to come out but they went on your card, guess we haven't been to an arcade for a while.

When we went back into the water park there were only a few people in there now so I asked Fred if he would watch both kids while I went down a few of the big water slides, he kindly said yes.  I went down one and they were all standing at the bottom waiting for me.  Blaiden thought it was the coolest thing ever and kept saying "next time when I am bigger I am going to do that slide."  We stayed a while and played then it was time to get changed and go find dinner.

We didn't really know where we were and after driving for a while the kids were getting tired, hungry, and grouchy.  We finally had to stop at a grocery store and get PB&J stuff and some lunch meat, we're fancy like that.  I fed the kids in the car and on the way back Fred saw a fast food place we had never heard of so we stopped and got some great chicken. Since everyone was eating Fred stopped at a repair place and fixed our taillight that we found out was not working. The night was kind of hectic but finally the kids went to bed and they slept pretty well.

This post is getting pretty long so I guess I'll continue with day 2 in another post.

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