September 23, 2015

Kids Day Out

This was our first day home from our family trip and I think everyone was a little sad we decided to come home instead of getting a hotel.  We started to look for something to do and we found out that there was an event going on called "Kids Day Out," put on by a radio station.  Adilene took an early nap and Blaiden got to skip his nap once again and we went to go see what it was all about. 

When we got there it was packed, cars were everywhere and we didn't know if coming was going to be fun with so many people but we were there so we went to go check it out anyway.  We all walked around for a little while and Blaiden played on an inflatable obstacle course.  Then Adilene and I went to go get us all a snack and a drink, it was about 100 degrees.  Fred and Blaiden found a few things they wanted to do and one was mini golf.  Fred had told Blaiden that we would do this on our trip but we didn't fit it in while we were gone so this worked out perfectly. 

Adilene was getting upset in the stroller and wanted to get out so I took her to the toddler section with a bunch of Step2 toys.  She had so much fun, and of course the water was her favorite part.  Playing there really made we want to buy some of their toys!

When it was time to leave we headed to Sonic to get another drink and some ice cream because we were all so hot.  It was a very fun afternoon and it was a nice way to end our little family weekend.

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