September 9, 2015

Pool Days

July was the month to be in the water.  When I first thought about writing this post it was middle of July and we had been swimming about 3 times a week.  Last year Blaiden could not be in the water without screaming and holding on for dear life if he couldn't touch the bottom.  Then this winter I put him in swim lessons.  Now he thinks that he can actually swim and has no fear what so ever, the only problem with this is he actually does not know how to swim.

Adilene has been a water baby from the beginning.  This girl is never as happy as she is when she is in the water.  She was also in swim lessons this past winter and she was going all the way under on the first day! Something her brother still has a hard time with.  She loves making bubbles and when the hose is on the the backyard she will put that water right in her face and laughs every time!
The point of this post is to just share a few photos and for me to remember how much fun this summer has been.  I have enjoyed the kids as this age so much, they play together, their personalities are shining, and they think everyday is so exciting!


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