September 27, 2015

Stepping Stone Craft

I found this craft idea on Facebook back in May and thought that the kids would enjoy doing.  It took me a few months to actually get it done but one morning in July I finally took the kids outside to create our stepping stones.  I had to mix the concrete by hand and so I had a hard time getting the consistency right.  Once I had all the molds filled we had to wait a few minutes for it to partially set up.  While we were waiting Fred showed up, Kiara was so excited she ran though all of the concrete!
When it was time to make our hand prints and decorate them it was a good thing Fred was home because it turned into a disaster with kids crying, things not working, and concrete drying to quickly and there were way to many rock in it.  Turns out I bought the wrong kind of concrete.
In the end we ended up with 3 stepping stones and one that broke in half, you cant even see the hand prints and they cant really be walked on.  I was trying to make a memory but this was definitely a fail.  Maybe we will try again next year when the kids are a little older and I buy the right kind of concrete!
It was so hectic that this was the only photo I managed to get and I took it through our kitchen window.

This is how they look by our play house.  Not very impressive but Blaiden doesn't seem to care much.

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