September 30, 2015

Hall of Fame

There were 3 main reasons that Fred and I chose to move to Ohio for his rotations and one of those was the importance of football around here.  The Hall of Fame celebrations are something that we look forward to every year and it seems like they add more things on every year.  This year I ran the Hall of Fame half marathon in April, so it seems like they want to make this a half year event!  On my birthday weekend we went to the balloon festival and had a great time.

Then there is the parade.  This is probably my favorite part of the celebrations.  The floats are all so beautiful, there is tons of music and dancers, and you get to see so many football players.  Fred was on call and so the kids and I headed down there planning on him meeting us there.  It turned out that he was stuck at work and he missed the parade.  The kids and I however found the best spot to sit, Blaiden could run around a little and there was a family with a few boys his age right next to us.  Blaiden is never afraid to make new friends.

Fred went to the rib festival without us the next night because I wasn't really up to pumping the kids full of sugar and we were all a little tired.  Fred said that it was so fun, the food was great, and there was some good music the kids would have loved to dance to.

The last thing we were going to do was the kick off celebration in downtown.  Fred and I had a babysitter and everything but then the event got rained out so we didn't end up going, maybe next year. 

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