September 29, 2015

My Birthday

I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday.  I love the attention I get from all my friends and family, all just to celebrate me!  I love having a day to do anything I want and not cooking.  And most of all I love it when Fred spoils me!  The only thing I hate is that it means I am a year older.  This year I turned 29 and that may not seem like a big deal but that just means that next year I will be 30, yikes!  I am determined to make this the best year of my twenties!

I started celebrating a few days early because Fred's gift to me was a little shopping spree.  It was very much needed and appreciated!  On my birthday Fred came back home around breakfast time and brought me doughnuts, Blaiden all the sudden became a big fan of my birthday too.  Then we headed to our usual Friday morning playgroup.  When we came home we all enjoyed a nice long nap!  

When Fred got home from work Blaiden helped me open a few gifts.  He had picked out a new pair of flip flops and was very excited to give them to me.  We ended the night going to the hot air balloon festival and I ate a blooming onion for dinner! The kids had a great time.  Adilene started dancing for the first time and was the most adorable thing in the world.  Blaiden found a few little girls to play tag with.  Fred and I sat on the grass and just enjoyed the night.

The celebration continued onto Saturday night where we got to go watch fireworks and I got some cotton candy! It was the best ending to my birthday.  

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