September 24, 2015

Horse Farm

We got to go to a horse farm with our Friday morning playgroup back in July and we all had a great time.  The farm is dedicated to individuals who have a disability and they get to take care of the horses and ride them as part of their therapy.  We didn't get to ride any horses today which Blaiden was very disappointed in but we got to do a ton of fun things.  Our day started out with us getting a sticker that looked like one of the horses we would be seeing later that day and coloring a picture.  Next we got to go play on a playground that had farm inspired play equipment like a tractor and horses.  The next part of the day was Adilene's favorite part, we went into a barn and got to see llamas, goat,s and sheep.  She went crazy with excitement! She was waving her hands and yelling, all while petting the animals. It was the cutest thing.
 The last part of the day we got to go in an meet the horses.  We brushed them and Blaiden was pretty happy to be so close the them.  The first horse we got to pet was named Thor.  This trilled Blaiden because he loves the Avengers.  He makes me laugh because he knew we were going to go to a farm so we all had to dress the part.  Blaiden wore his cowboy hat and made Adilene and I wear pants.  It was such a hot day that by the end we were all ready to change back into our summer clothing.
We ended our day with a picnic lunch and more playing on the playground.  I am excited to take Adilene back there and she can start riding horses when she is three. 

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