December 12, 2014

G-ma Comes to town

The day after Adilene's birthday party we all got in the car and headed to Cleveland to go pick up my mom.  She was originally supposed to be here for the party but she was chosen to referee at state volleyball and she just couldn't pass up that amazing opportunity. 

This visit was one of the most relaxing visit I think she has had here, I am actually having a hard time remembering what we did.  One thing I know we didn't do is take any pictures, I am usually so good about this but this time I only got a few.

Fred and I got to go out on a date and try a new fancy restaurant that we had heard about.  While we did this G-ma was home watching the kids and having way to much fun.  I took Blaiden to the dentist (This is an entire different post and it's not good), and I went to the doctor.  I planned all these appointments because I knew I would have someone to watch the kids.
My mom had sent most of our Christmas here and so we wrapped the ones that had arrived.  We went to the mall one morning and did a little shoe shopping and Blaiden had a blast trying on all the boots.

Other then that it was just a lot of time spent at home playing and enjoying her visit.  She went home on Friday and we had to drive through a blizzard to get her back to the airport.  Her next visit is in January when she is coming for Blaiden's birthday.  My dad also gets to come that time and no one is more excited about that then Blaiden. 

December 9, 2014

Adilene's First Birthday Party!

I know I go a little crazy when I am planning my kids birthday parties but I can't help it.  I want it to be an amazing day for them and I also love to throw parties so this is a perfect way to celebrate.  Most kids have their families over for a first birthday party but since we don't live by any family we invited all of our friends over.  The turnout was fantastic and I think we had 10 kids (8 were 3 or younger) here to celebrate, it was pretty wild in our house for a few hours.
While I was searching pinterest for ideas a few months ago I found some rainbow ideas that were just to cute to pass up so that became the theme for the party.  In the end I think it was more of just a colorful theme then actually rainbow.  The week of the party is always a busy one with all the decorating and prep work that needs to happen.  Fred worked a few nights that week so I had to plan around that for things I needed his help with.  Blaiden was very curious  about all the things going on and I think in the end he was happy it was all over because now he thinks it's his turn for a birthday party.

All through the party Adilene was a little apprehensive about everything that was going on.  When there is a lot going on or she is in a new situation she is very reserved.  She had taken a good morning nap and so I was hopeful that she would be a happy little girl.  Then it was time for the cake, I had made a huge 5 layer cake for her and small little ones for everyone else with marshmallow frosting.  It started off slow and she didn't quite know what was going on then she took a big handful of frosting and stuffed her face.  I think she was surprised of the taste she played in the cake a little more but never really took another bite.  After just a few minutes she was over it and wanted to get out.

After a quick clean up and change of clothes it was time to open gifts.  Fred and I like to get a few small things and then all the family sends their gifts for her so we had told our guests that there was no need to bring a gift.  Well not everyone listened and so our little girl was spoiled and had a ton of things to open.  All the kids helped with this so it didn't take to long.  She got a ton of new toys and a bunch of new clothes.
Overall it was and amazing day and I was so happy we got to celebrate our baby girls first birthday.

December 7, 2014

One Year Old

So today is actually Adilene's 13 month birthday, I am just a little behind.  Here is her 1 year update.  The next time I will be doing an update is on her 18 month birthday (hopefully).

One Year Old

My Appearance:  I am now weighing in at 19 pounds 12 ounces and 27.75 inches long.  This means in the past 12 months I have gained 14 pounds 7 ounces and grew 9.5 inches.  My hair is getting so long, I need to start wearing bows to keep it out of my eyes, Mommy loves this but I don’t like to keep them on all the time.  My eyes are still the most amazing blue color.  My eyebrows are blonde but you can start to tell where they are.  My eyelashes are getting long and mom says when I cry they look so long in my tears.  When I smile I still only have my bottom two teeth but they are looking so cute.  Mommy started putting my in 12-18 month clothes and the sleeves on the shirts are a little long but overall they fit pretty well.  Mom tried to paint my fingernails this month but I wasn’t having it and it turned into a big mess.  She had to take it off right away because it was all over my hands.  I am still a little chunky all over but I don’t have as many rolls, I am just more of a round shape, which everyone seems to love. 

Milestones:  This month I started exploring the house.  I like to crawl into the bathroom and play with the shower curtain.  I play peek-a-boo with Mommy as she is getting ready in the morning.  I also love to go into Blaiden’s room and play with the books on his bookshelf.  Another favorite of mine is to find all the vents in the house and when the heater is on I love to stick my face in the air.  I also started eating all table food this month.  I didn’t love the puréed food and so Mommy just started feeding me off her plate.  I love to sit on her lap and eat, she says I am such a good eater but I need some more teeth so I can chew a little better.

Daily Routine:  I pretty much have the same schedule as the past few months.  My morning nap is starting to get a little later which pushes my afternoon nap back a little.  I still take 2 naps and I sleep a total of about 3 hours.  I eat 3 meals along with all my 5 bottles and get a few snacks throughout the day.  It sounds like I eat a ton but the amount I eat during each meal is pretty small.  I love to play with my toys and anything that Blaiden is playing with.  However, most of the time I am just trying to get somewhere. 

Special Events:  This month I got to celebrate my first Halloween and all the things that go with that.  I went to a pumpkin patch, carved my pumpkin, and dressed up like a cow.  I didn’t love getting dressed up but I tolerated it while we went trick or treating.  I got to ride on a small train and I really enjoyed it.  I got to play outside this month and even got to feel snow for the first time since I was too small last year.  I started to sit in the grocery cart without my seat and I love this because I can see what is going on.  I have had a great first year of life!


For Halloween being a one day holiday it seems like we celebrated a ton this year.  It all started when I took the kids to the pumpkin patch with the playgroup we have.  It was so fun, there were animals, both kids got a pumpkin and a gourd, there was a hay maze in a barn, and also a petting zoo.  Again Blaiden enjoyed these events a little more then Adilene but overall I think she had a good time.

 Blaiden is picking a pumpkin for Adilene and himself.

 Next up was our family trip to pick out pumpkins to carve.  We had a big plan to go one afternoon when Fred was going to get off work early.  I had really talked it up to Blaiden and he was ready to go when Fred got home.  Fred ended up having to go surgery late that night and Blaiden couldn't wait another day to go get pumpkins so I ended up taking the kids and then we carved them when Fred got home.  Adilene was getting ready to go to bed but before she did we made sure that she got to play with the pumpkin guts.  It was so cute because she would want to touch it but the second she did she wouldn't like it and would pull her hand back.  She did this several times with the same reaction.  After she went to bed Blaiden and Fred were cleaning out their pumpkins.  Blaiden has never liked touching the guts and this year Fred really tried to get him into it.  This turned out into a pumpkin gut fight all over the living room!  I was very funny during but not so funny when I kept finding seeds around the house for the next week. 

Left to Right: Jessi, Adilene, Blaiden, Fred

In our neighborhood we do Halloween the Sunday before the 31st from 2-5.  I love Halloween in our neighborhood and this year it was even better because Blaiden was so excited to dress up.  We had been asking him all month long what he wanted to be and the only consistent answer was Mickey Mouse.  I had wanted him to be a farmer or something like that because Adilene was going to be a cow but he wasn't to excited and after last year when he wouldn't dress up at all I decided he needed to choose his own costume.  The weekend before trick-or-treating we went to a few costume stores to look for a Mickey costume but didn't love any we had found and so we decided to make our own.  everything was pretty easy to find except yellow shoes so we ended up getting yellow women socks and put them over his shoes.  I went a little overboard and and we colored his hair black and added black to his nose.

Trick-or-treating was so fun, and actually handing out candy was just as fun.  Adilene was not trilled with her costume and she wouldn't keep the hood on, thankfully it was just warm enough that she didn't need it.

Halloween actually was that Friday and the playgroup we go to had a big Halloween party and so the kids got to dress up again.  One of Blaiden's friends dressed up as Minnie Mouse but the ears and gloves didn't last long with all the playing so I didn't get a good picture of how cute they were together. 

This holiday did not disappoint and I know that each one is just going to get better.  The kids are at such a fun age and I am enjoying experiencing these fun time with them.  This was Adilene's last first holiday, its funny to think back to last year and how I thought I would be pregnant for another 6 weeks and it only turned out to be another week and a half.