December 12, 2014

G-ma Comes to town

The day after Adilene's birthday party we all got in the car and headed to Cleveland to go pick up my mom.  She was originally supposed to be here for the party but she was chosen to referee at state volleyball and she just couldn't pass up that amazing opportunity. 

This visit was one of the most relaxing visit I think she has had here, I am actually having a hard time remembering what we did.  One thing I know we didn't do is take any pictures, I am usually so good about this but this time I only got a few.

Fred and I got to go out on a date and try a new fancy restaurant that we had heard about.  While we did this G-ma was home watching the kids and having way to much fun.  I took Blaiden to the dentist (This is an entire different post and it's not good), and I went to the doctor.  I planned all these appointments because I knew I would have someone to watch the kids.
My mom had sent most of our Christmas here and so we wrapped the ones that had arrived.  We went to the mall one morning and did a little shoe shopping and Blaiden had a blast trying on all the boots.

Other then that it was just a lot of time spent at home playing and enjoying her visit.  She went home on Friday and we had to drive through a blizzard to get her back to the airport.  Her next visit is in January when she is coming for Blaiden's birthday.  My dad also gets to come that time and no one is more excited about that then Blaiden. 

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