December 9, 2014

Adilene's First Birthday Party!

I know I go a little crazy when I am planning my kids birthday parties but I can't help it.  I want it to be an amazing day for them and I also love to throw parties so this is a perfect way to celebrate.  Most kids have their families over for a first birthday party but since we don't live by any family we invited all of our friends over.  The turnout was fantastic and I think we had 10 kids (8 were 3 or younger) here to celebrate, it was pretty wild in our house for a few hours.
While I was searching pinterest for ideas a few months ago I found some rainbow ideas that were just to cute to pass up so that became the theme for the party.  In the end I think it was more of just a colorful theme then actually rainbow.  The week of the party is always a busy one with all the decorating and prep work that needs to happen.  Fred worked a few nights that week so I had to plan around that for things I needed his help with.  Blaiden was very curious  about all the things going on and I think in the end he was happy it was all over because now he thinks it's his turn for a birthday party.

All through the party Adilene was a little apprehensive about everything that was going on.  When there is a lot going on or she is in a new situation she is very reserved.  She had taken a good morning nap and so I was hopeful that she would be a happy little girl.  Then it was time for the cake, I had made a huge 5 layer cake for her and small little ones for everyone else with marshmallow frosting.  It started off slow and she didn't quite know what was going on then she took a big handful of frosting and stuffed her face.  I think she was surprised of the taste she played in the cake a little more but never really took another bite.  After just a few minutes she was over it and wanted to get out.

After a quick clean up and change of clothes it was time to open gifts.  Fred and I like to get a few small things and then all the family sends their gifts for her so we had told our guests that there was no need to bring a gift.  Well not everyone listened and so our little girl was spoiled and had a ton of things to open.  All the kids helped with this so it didn't take to long.  She got a ton of new toys and a bunch of new clothes.
Overall it was and amazing day and I was so happy we got to celebrate our baby girls first birthday.

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